TV Review/Recap: iZombie Episode 205 “Love & Basketball”

I am very very behind on posts. I won’t be posting the old reviews for most shows that I have missed posting about but I am posting the ones I already had written and just didn’t get posted. I MIGHT post reviews of other show episodes I missed during this period, too. I’m not sure yet. I’ll definitely do it if I have the time to write them but I’d rather focus on new episodes of shows. This one (and the Librarians episode review that follows it) were already written, though. So….

I wouldn’t have expected to like an episode about basketball more than one about music but….here we are.

We pick up right where we left off last week. Liv and Major making out at her apartment. Although they have moved out of the hallway and into the house. Liv pulls back and starts worrying about re-infecting Major. She, despite trying, is unable to ruin the mood for Major, who is still wanting to make out and seems unconcerned with being infected. Liv insists they stop, though.

*shrug* I agree with Major. Condoms and being careful and being aware of and okay with the risk. I mean if he gets infected again he could probably deal with being a zombie now. If that is indeed what would happen. He COULD be  immune. Liv has adjusted pretty well to being a zombie now. If she could be with Major she would probably be okay with staying a zombie. As far as kids go, they could adopt. Major loves helping kids. He would probably love to adopt and give a child a loving (albeit odd) home. I think Liv is being overly cautious/anxious about it all. I understand why but it’s Major’s risk to take. I’m hoping she realizes that and stops resisting.

Also, the things about mouth sores not being sexy and how hard he is brushing is teeth is both adorable and hilarious. I think it’s my favorite Major moment from the entire series.

A night watchman is watching a basketball game while at his desk on duty, The elevator door opens and he turns to greet whoever is there. He’s is shot before he can finish a sentence.

Awesome Title Sequence

Major wakes up on Liv’s couch with her checking his blood pressure. He seems to be in a good mood but Liv is still overly worried. Major tries to get her to calm down. He tells her everything can be fixed with condoms (I mentioned that a bit early up there…oh well) and basic safety precautions. He wants them to be together again but she is insistent that they just be friends. He came to her for help. She wants to help him and not get in to anything more complicated yet. She gets a text from Ravi and has to go.

Major and Liv are so cute together in this episode. I still think the timing is shitty unless he tells her the truth about Max Rager but other than that I really like them together. They do both seem so much happier and better together. Major is adorable this episode.

Ravi and Liv show up on scene where the security guard is dead in his chair. Clive tells them the info on the victim and the scene. The last page of the visitors log book is torn out and the security cameras were turned off right before the murder. The way the security system is set up only the victim could have turned the cameras off. Ravi and Liv have a little spiel about how great it would be if the cameras had caught the killer on tape and he had been wearing a shirt with is name and address on it and it goes on It’s funnier when they do it.

Ravi and Liv’s little end spiel and Clive’s reaction to it is awesome. This is a really well written episode.

Blaine is talking to a customer about his mother’s funeral when Gabriel, looking very much like a strung out zombie, comes in the front door. Blaine tells the man that Gabriel is the Finnish Undertaker and leads Gabriel off out of the room, whispering to him that they have an employee’s entrance. Gabriel tells him he will mix him boat party utopium but he wants the cure. He refuses to eat brains.

Liv ponders what night watchman brains will be like. She starts to cut the man’s skull but Clive comes in with photos  of people coming in the night the man was killed who don’t actually work in the building. He wants her to look at them with her “third eye” to see if they trigger anything. Liv agrees to look at the photos. She closes her eyes between pictures, touches her temple and makes some weird noises as she looks but gets no visions, of course. She tells Clive her “third eye” is a bit off because she skipped breakfast. Clive says to let him know she gets anything.

Once Clive is gone Liv makes a delicious looking brain omelet. She eats the whole thing fairly quickly. Ravi remarks that there is nothing more primal than a zombie craving brains.

OMG how do they make all the brain food look so delicious? I really think they should put out a zombie brain cookbook.

Cut to a starved, rotted, raging zombie chained to a wall trying to reach a bowl of brains that is just out of reach. A Doctor and Rita/Gilda are standing just out of the room talking about the zombie. There is a cane beside the zombie that they apparently expect the zombie to use to reach the brain bowl. They remark on how stupid the zombie it. The Doctor says she can’t do any more testing on Super Max unless she has coherent zombie blood to run tests on. She mentions Rita’s roommate but Rita says she’ll ask their resident zombie exterminator. She says that will be easier than trying to get Liv’s blood.

I don’t really understand exactly what Super Max is supposed to do? Are they TRYING to make zombies? Kill them? Cure them? Avoid creating them? I don’t really get it. I also don’t get how they haven’t figured out that starving zombies is what turns them into the raging shambling brainless rotted animated corpses that they keep ending up with. It’s like they are the little kid that keeps forgetting to feed their pet hamsters but wonders why they keep ending up with dead hamsters. Anything remotely animated probably needs food. It isn’t a complicated thing to figure out. Feed your pet zombie test subjects and they won’t end up trying to eat you and being to stupid to pick up a cane.

Liv shows up at Clive’s desk asking to see those photos again. She looks at them as Clive tells her about calling Suzuki’s wife and asking if she thought her husband could have been suicidal. He thinks he probably shouldn’t have called. Liv still gets nothing from the photos but noticed Clive’s Knicks mug and comments on it, making fun of the Knicks. Clive wonders why she is suddenly aware of basketball at all. They talk basketball for a minute. Then a bunch of kids come up, carrying a basketball and asking about the victim. He was their basketball coach. Liv comments that that makes sense. They think the father of one of their former team mates killed the coach. The man tried to choke him a couple weeks back. Clive tells the kids they’ll look into it.

I like Clive. He takes the kids seriously. Which they absolutely deserved. Even if they had some kind of outlandish tip for them they’re trying to help and they miss their coach. A lot of real life cops would have been dismissive of them but some wouldn’t and I’m glad they’re portraying Clive as one that isn’t dismissive of kids trying to help.

Liv and Clive arrive at the garage of the parent that tried to choke the coach. The guy is working with a punching bag. Clive tells him they’re investigating his son’s former coach. He says his son isn’t there. He is with his mother (being spoiled by his mother is what he says). He is aggressive and confrontational. He gets in Liv’s face when she doesn’t answer him fast enough for his liking. Liv gets visions of the man choking the victim and of seeing the man shaking and slapping his son. When they leave she tells Clive that the reason the man choked the basketball coach was because he saw him slap his son and reported him to child protective services. The man had an alibi that Clive says he will check up on.

Major walks with a man he is clearly training into the Max Rager gym. Rita is working out on an exercise ball. The man makes creepy sexual comments about her. Major sends him to get changed while he sets up. Rita walks over after the man is gone. She wants to know why Major didn’t answer her text the night before. He says he didn’t get the text until that morning and makes a dismissive comment about her text. She belittles his importance (obviously annoyed that he isn’t fawning over her) and brings up his lack of zombie kills. He wants a more powerful tranquilizer because the last guy woke up in his trunk (the guy with the dog). She leaves.

A bit later Major walks into Rita’s office and wants his stronger tranquilizer. The doctor, whom Rita introduces as “As far as you know her name is Doctor Irving”, is there and wants more details on how the tranquilizer failed. She seems unaware of how coherent well fed zombies are. Major tells her the man woke up in his trunk and begged for his life and asked him to take care of his dog. The woman is still seemingly oblivious.

Is she being sarcastic? I don’t get it. She knows Liv exists. She knows coherent functional zombies exist. Why is she acting like she doesn’t? Is she just an idiot? It’s one thing to not know what keeps zombies coherent, and even that is kind of stupid, but to act like you don’t know that coherent zombies exist when you do is dumb. I can’t tell if she is making fun of Major or what… This part of this episode makes no sense. That Doctor is annoying but other than her this episode is written really well. I love everyone else in it. Well Rita is always annoying but she is consistently annoying.

Major is laying on his bed with his dog. He pulls out utopium is about to snort it when he hears foot steps. He hides it and in comes Liv. She gives him a motivational speech. Major gives her an adorable puppy dog look and calls her weird (but in a tone of voice that clearly shows he is still hopelessly in love with her). She tells him to shower and clean his room. She asks if there is any utopium there and he lies and says no. She says after he cleans up they can watch Hoosiers.

Clive is outside the angry parent’s house. He blows his horn. The man wants to know what he is doing there. He knows his alibi checked out. Clive tells him he talked to his son’s homeroom teacher and she was informed to report to Clive directly if the boy shows up with any injuries at all.  The man gets aggressive and up in Clive’s face. Clive beats the crap out of him and tells him to never hit his son again. The he leaves.

In the precinct Clive ask someone about Finders Keepers and then is called into his bosses office. He thinks he is going to get in trouble for beating up the abusive father but that isn’t the issue. He’s in trouble for calling Suzuki’s wife. Clive says he knows he shouldn’t have called but so many things don’t add up. His boss is adamant that he is off the case and should leave it alone. The FBI agent makes him laugh by goofing off behind the boss on the other side of her offices glass wall.

Major and Liv are in a gym. Major makes a joke about how seriously she is taking their friendship. He thought staying friends is just something girl’s say when they don’t want to see you naked. When Liv makes a joke about him not ever having that happen he says he read about it. They’re at the gym because she told him she wanted to play basketball but when they go into the court the kids basketball team is there. She has volunteered Major to be the kid’s new coach. He seems reluctant.

Cut to a bit later and Liv and Major are both coaching the kids. Two of the kids get into a fight and Major breaks it up. He asks if this is the kind of team the old coach would want them to be. After a joke about how he “went there” they settle down.

The little scrawny, non-zombie kid working for Blaine shows up at the morgue to give Ravi the boat party utopium. Ravi thinks he knows him but isn’t sure how. The kid says he autopsied his twin brother. He tells Ravi Blaine will need the cure pronto.

Rita/Gilda shows up at Liv’s while Liv is chopping veggies in the kitchen. Liv asks about where she has been. Gilda/Rita says she has been busy at work. When Liv asks about the super hot guy she mentioned before Gilda makes it obvious she is sleeping with him. She explains away all the nights she hasn’t come home as being because she is loud during sex. She isn’t to happy when Liv says her ex-fiance was just there a couple nights ago and they made out.

I’m really not sure why Rita is jealous. Just doesn’t like that a guy doesn’t want her enough to be fawning all over her and only her, I guess? She obviously has no actual emotion for Major. I don’t understand girls like this. She is using Major but she is mad that he was just using her, too? I really dislike her.

Rita/Gilda is using a spear thingy to stab and eat the veggies Liv is cutting. She “accidentally” stabs Liv. Liv goes off to clean the wound. Rita uses a paper towel to wipe up the blood off the counter and keeps it.

Ravi shows Liv the large container of tainted utopium. Liv is excited about making more of the cure. Ravi points out it will take months. They have to test it on rats again to make sure they can even make the cure out of it. Clive comes in interrupting them. He found out that Finders Keepers is a crown funding site. The victim was running a fundraiser for sending kids to  basketball camp. He hadn’t raised much until the day he died when a single anonymous donation of $4100 put him over his goal. Clive goes to try to find out the name of the donor.

Major is working with his team. Liv comes in to check up on him. She starts to offer suggestions, Two kids get in a fight again and Major sends one to get water. He asks Liv to take over practice so he can go talk to the kid. The kids won’t take Liv seriously. So, she makes them run. Major comes back with the other kid. He says the kid is having a tough time. The kids dad left with town with the babysitter.

Major is casing a suspected zombie at an outdoor cafe. Major goes over to borrow a paper from the man and his hair stands on end. He IS a zombie but when the man’s kid comes to meet him  Major has second thoughts about his mission.

Clive can’t get the name of the donor. After the phone call, the FBI agent Cavanaugh asks him about the Meat Cute case. It turns out one of the missing people she is there investigating, the astronaut, was at Meat Cute. They found a strand of his hair in a sink drain.

Liv plays with the test rats. She wants to name them after the 1986 Boston Celtics. Ravi says “no” because he doesn’t know who any of those people are and neither will Liv in a few days. He is sticking with his Star Wars names. Clive interrupts them to tell them he can’t trace the donor because they used bitcoin. He gets a call while he is there. One of the men from the security photos turned up dead, in Tacoma. Ravi and Liv go with him to see the body.

The coroner in Tacoma is a jerk. He interviewed for Ravi’s job when Ravi was interviewing for it. He doesn’t like Ravi (I assume due to not getting the job that Ravi got). The man was found in concrete. The coroner believes he was working and hit his head and fell. Ravi disagrees. He thinks the man was murdered. The evidence of murder is definitely there. The coroner tries to argue Occam’s Razor but Ravi, Clive and Liv make their case.

Occam’s Razor, a theory stating that the most obvious explanation if always true (an example usually given if that if you are in Montana and you hear hooves you think horses not zebras), is in itself taken literally way to often. The simple truth is that the simplest explanation is not really always the right one. In the case of death it definitely should never be applied. It’s a great way to let someone get away with murder. But even all of that aside, that the man fell isn’t the simplest or most obvious explanation in this case at all. The man had a criminal history and was last seen at the sight of another murder. That makes his death suspicious. This coroner is an idiot. It is no wonder he did not get Ravi’s job. I’m a bit surprised he has a job anywhere at all.

Clive and Liv go to question another man seen in the building at the same time as the now dead man and the murdered security guard. They ask the man about the security guard and his Finders Keepers campaign. They show him photos of the man found dead at the construction site. They’re about to leave when Clive stops and asks if everyone has their own code for the copier. They do.

Having gotten the copier codes that were used the night of the murder of the security guard Clive and Liv go to the office of one of the men’s whose codes were used. He has a collection of sports memorabilia that they are looking at when the man comes in and asks if he can help them. Clive explains why they are there. The man says he has never met the man found at the construction site. Liv has a vision of the man freaking out over a ballgame and asks the man questions about it. She claims to have gotten info from an email. Clive sees a baseball bat and comments on it. The man tells him to help himself. Clive picks it up and sniffs it. It smells like bleach. Clive offers a scenario possibility. The man killed and found at the construction site came to collect on gambling debts. The man killed him with the baseball bat. He denies it but Clive finds blood on the blinds.

Ravi has Max Rager mixed with boat party Utopium and is about to inject his test rats with it when he hears singing. He goes out to the main morgue room to find Blaine singing a Cure song. Ravi tells him the cure isn’t ready. They hear talking and run back to the rat room to find Gabriel injecting himself with the potion he intended to use to infect the rats, Gabriel dies.

So….Ravi insists that this means the utopium wasn’t the right blend but I don’t see that. This was the potion intended to use to infect the rats with zombieism. It would just seem to me that if you infect a zombie with zombieism it kills them. Which to me makes it even more likely (using this line of logic anyway) that already cured zombies can’t be reinfected. Infection will either kill them or they’ll just be immune. But anyway, Ravi never injected a rat with this. It very well could have made a zombie rat and lead to the creation of more of the cure.

Blaine comments that while he didn’t find the cure he did find the anti-cure. He found an instant zombie killer. Ravi and Blaine both rush for the bottle of utopium. They grapple over it, while the Cure song Blaine was previously singing plays, in what must be the least elegant (and most realistic) fight ever on television. Ravi breaks the bottle to prevent Blaine from getting it. Blaine makes a joke about cardio and leaves.

I’ve never been a big Blaine fan per se but he is pretty cute in this scene. He’s playful and funny and it’s easy to forget he is a cold blooded killer who only looks out for himself.

Clive interrogates the man about the murders. The scenario he presents is that after killing the man that came to collect on the debts he then bribes the night watchmen to turn off the security cameras. He pledges the rest of the money he needed for his finders keepers campaign and the security guard turned the cameras off and tore out the page of the visitors log where the debt collector signed in. He says that the man must have decided to kill the security guard to just in case. The man admits to killing the debt collector but denies killing the security guard. He says they have a fixer that works at their firm. The fixer killed Mike, the security guard, he says. Clive wants the fixer’s name.

Major shows up at Rita’s office and says he checked off 8 potential zombies. They weren’t zombies. He also calls things off with her. She doesn’t exactly except his blow off, saying “we’ll play it by ear”. She also tells him that the statistical probabilities of 8 people being all negative for being zombies is unlikely. He says to never tell him the odds and leaves.

Major, back at home, flushes the last of his utopium. He shaves and goes downstairs to find Liv playing with his dog. She says she knocked but no one answered. She pulls out her keys and he asks if she leaving. She says they’re going to get food. He says he isn’t okay doing this anymore. He doesn’t want them to be just friends. He wants them to be together. He doesn’t care about any of the reasons they shouldn’t be together. He says he is a better man with her. Liv doesn’t reply when he asks if they can give things another shot.

Clive calls Liv and gets her machine. He tells the machine that they found Roger, the first man they spoke to at the office building, trying to board a plane. He was the fixer. After he hangs up Suzuki’s wife shows up. She tells Clive that Suzuki could have been suicidal. She was upset when he called but then she started looking around and she found this (she hands him a tupperware container) in his freezer. She leaves and Clive looks in the container. It’s a piece of what appears to be a human brain.

Yaaay great episode. It’s funny and cute and has Major/Liv moments that are awesome and Blaine being adorable (which for me to think so at least is rare). It’s well written and reminds me why I love this show so much. I think it’s my favorite episode so far from this season.


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