TV Review/Recap: The Librarians Episode 202 “The Librarians and the Broken Staff”

Flynn, Cassandra, Ezekiel and Baird come through the magic door. Stone is waiting on them and congratulates them on breaking up the storm. The Librarians wander off and Flynn and Baird are left alone. Flynn is upset that Prospero got away but Baird is adamant that they did the right thing. They saved NYC after all. Flynn wanted to go after Prospero and he wants it to be just him and Baird again. He’s sulky.

At what appears to be a normal Library, Prospero pours out of The Complete Works of Shakespeare as black smoke and takes form.

Flynn tells the others that Baird things they should all work together. Flynn then tries to brief them on Prospero and Fictionals. Most of which was already covered in the previous episode. Prospero took form on his own. He would be a powerful magician and dangerous but in the text of the Tempest, where he is from, he gave up magic. He drowned his book and broke his staff. So, the Prospero in this world would be weak but, despite the fact that Fictionals shouldn’t have free will or be able to choose their own fate – they should be bound by their original story, Prospero is trying to regain his magic. He has recovered his book. So, he is likely going to try to find and repair his staff. Jenkins jumps in trying to help and then says he usually does the briefings. Flynn lets him take over. Jenkins says that Prospero’s original staff was broken in 1611 right after the first performance of The Tempest. Which is also when Prospero first took form in the real world. They don’t know what happened to the pieces. Flynn asks if they have a copy of The Tempest. It was published 10 years after the first performance. He believes there could be clues in the publication. Jenkins says their is a original copy in the reading room. Stone volunteers to go but doesn’t know where the reading room is. So Jenkins goes instead.

Flynn sends Stone and Ezekiel to check the card catalogue for references to a broken staff. Ezekiel says they’ll also check the log to see if any previous Librarians ever interacted with Prospero. Cassandra says she will check the magic tomes for spells and things that could be used to reforge the staff in case Prospero beats them to the pieces. That way they will know where he could be going from there.

Once everyone is gone, Baird wants to come up with a plan B but Flynn is still fixated on how they let Prospero get away. Them he gets a sudden realization. He believes he knows where the staff is. He wants him and Eve to go get them. After a bit of convincing, Eve agrees and off they go,

Back in the library where Prospero was he calls Moriarty to him. Moriarty appears from black smoke the same way Prospero did. They talk about the books at the library. Moriarty insults the books and Prospero shocks him with blue light and says he was the first of the Fictionals and that he controls Moriarty. After he has put Moriarty in his place he pulls out Arielle and asks him to find “the heart”. Ariel can’t. Prospero says it is beyond his magic. They will need another way to reach their goal….and in walks Jenkins. Apparently, they were in THE Library all along.

Flynn and Baird are at what use to be a house and now is little more than random bits of a stone wall and chimney. Flynn is all excited. It was the estate of John Dee, a mathematician, astronomer, advisor to Queen Elizabeth and a confidant of  William Shakespeare. “Also he was a Wizard”, Flynn throws in at the end. Apparently, he finds that part the least impressive. “Shakespeare had a friend who was a Wizard? You kind of buried the lead there” Baird says to Flynn. Flynn keeps on talking and looking around. He believes the broken staff would be buried somewhere there, in the home of another wizard. He spots a stage. A stage where Shakespeare and his players performed works in progress. He believes the staff would be hidden somewhere near the stage, protected by a passcode. A passcode that would never be said on a stage. They figure it out pretty quickly. The passcode is “Macbeth”, the word considered to be unlucky to say unless you are actually performing in the play Macbeth and when Flynn says it words appear in fire on the stage. “Swear by his sword”, a line from Hamlet Flynn points out. It’s from Act I, Scene 5. The words spoken by Hamlet’s father….usually spoken from beneath the stage during a performance because at this point Hamlet’s father is a ghost. The staff is beneath the stage, Flynn realizes.

So, I assumed John Dee was a real person because most of the people talked about on this show are real people but I figured they just added the part about him being a wizard. Nope. According to Wikpedia, John Dee actually DID study magic. He is basically the real life equivalent of someone that would fit perfectly on The Librarians. He was an astrologist and occult philosopher. He spent time studying alchemy, divination, hermetic philosophy and attempted to communicate with angels and demons (he seems to have believed that he did communicate with them). He saw science, spirituality and magic as all part of the same quest. He made significant advances in mathematics, navigation, cartography and astronomy. So, he was a legitimate scientist, Which makes it harder to write him off as just a crazy person. I think I’ll try to find books on this guy.. He seems pretty interesting.

Back at the library, Ezekiel and Stone are going through the card catalogue. Ezekiel has found a lot of magic staffs. Stone tells him to cross reference “staff” with “broken” but Ezekiel doesn’t know how to cross reference on a card catalogue. Stone is annoyed but Ezekiel points out that he also doesn’t know how to shoe a horse. It’s the 21st Century after all.

I don’t remember how to cross reference using a card catalog either…I DID know how to use a card catalog when I was a kid, though. The information just didn’t stick in my head, apparently.

I never knew how to shoe a horse….but I bet you can find a wikihow or a YouTube video on it. There should be an episode of The Librarians where they need to know how to do something random that none of them know how to do and they have to look it up on You Tube.

Also every time Stone gets angry I just see Eliot Spencer and wait for him to say “There’s something wrong with you”…I miss Leverage.

Jenkins pushes a button on the wall in the reading room.

Stone tries to leave the library main room (office room? Annex room?) to go look for Jenkins as an alarm goes off. The doors are locked. He can’t get out. Ezekiel tells him it’s the Library’s security system. It’s an Alpha Level alert. Ezekiel says they can’t get out. Stone asks how he knows that when he never knows anything. Ezekiel says he read the security manual. It’s the first thing he does when he first goes into any building. They try to figure out why the alarm went off. They figure out, pretty quickly, that Jenkins set off the alarm to keep them out of the rest of the Library because Prospero is in the Reading Room with him.

Pretty quick there….a bit to quick. Then again, they are all 3 supposed to be geniuses. Plus it’s a fast moving show. There isn’t time for them to ponder and debate on what could be going on for an hour or two. They have to figure it out quickly and move things along. Which I guess is why the Librarian is always a genius. He has to figure out weird things quickly.

Jenkins asks Prospero how he knows about the Library. He has walked the Earth for centuries. He says it would be impossible for him to have not heard of the Library. Prospero says that Jenkins will aid them in their search. Jenkins says otherwise. When they press him he says, “I usually resist playing this card, at least in supernatural circles, do you know who I am?”. Moriarty, of course, can do his deduction thing and semi-figure it out. He at least narrows it down to a former Knight of the Round Table.

I have to call BS on Moriarty here. The things he points out are not really only pointing toward a Knight of the Round Table. I can see where he could get that but it is a bit of leap. More of a leap than Moriarty or even Sherlock himself would usually make. Although, Jenkins himself gave away some of who he is just by insinuating that he was someone they should be aware of.

Speaking of which….have they ever explained how Jenkins is still alive? Galahad wasn’t immortal in any version of the King Arthur story I remember reading. Not even in the fictionalized versions. I guess, they’ll get to that eventually.

Jenkins isn’t thrown much by Moriarty figuring out his past. He tells them he has been beaten and threatened and tortured long before they existed in any form. He won’t lead Prospero to his staff. Prospero says that his staff is broken. He isn’t looking for his staff. He is looking for the Tree of Knowledge. His first staff was created from one of it’s branches. He is looking to create a new staff. He is trying to find the Heart of the Library (where apparently the tree of knowledge is…).

Back with the Librarians, Stone rushes around with an axe and Cassandra is pulling on the doors. Ezekiel is relaxed and doing something on his phone. Stone tells Cassandra to move and is about to hack at the doors but Ezekiel tells him it won’t work. Stone says they have to do something. Prospero has Jenkins. Ezekiel insists Jenkins would never help Prospero. Cassandra points out that he got Jenkins to lock them out. Ezekiel says no. That the Alpha alert going off is the lowest level alert. Jenkins set it off to make Prospero think he was cooperating but to let the others know that he isn’t. This level alert has a backdoor entrance. Ezekiel has found out how to access it (which is what he was doing on his phone). They have to go to the local Library.

Is that the axe from fairytale episode? It looks like the axe from that episode that Stone used to kill the wolf.

Meanwhile Flynn and Baird have gotten under the stage and found a box. A box with a lock features a carved phrase and two numbered dials. Carved on the box is “The Guns Bind Gab”. Flynn tries to work it out. It’s an anagram. Bad Begins is what Flynn comes up with and Eve figures out that it is a reference to a line from Macbeth. Eve was Lady Macbeth in her high school production. The line is from Act 3 Scene 2. Flynn enters 3 and 2 into the magic box dials. The box opens but it doesn’t contain the pieces of the broken staff. Instead there is a note on a piece of scroll, written in calligraphy. The note reads, “ Not yet but soon and long ago. I pray your journey does not end in woe” and is signed “The Librarian”. If the staff was found it should be in a Library.

Not yet but soon and long ago? Time traveling Librarian? Flynn insinuated in the first season that time travel is possible and has happened. He specifically said that he hates time traveling. So…..wonder who time traveled from the future to the past and took the pieces of Prospero’s staff? I imagine we will find out later this season (assuming that is what “soon” means). That wording doesn’t sound like any of the current Librarians…..except maybe Flynn himself.

Ezekiel goes to the local library and asks about a book. The library employee he talks to doesn’t know who the Librarians are (she thinks he is saying he is the Librarian for that library). So, he says he is from another branch. It turns out the book they need, the only book that is in every library The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Unabridged, was just checked out.

I find it highly unlikely that that is the ONLY book that is in every library. I don’t even remember seeing that book in a library before but I have seen the same reference books in most libraries. Surely more have the same encyclopedias than do the exact same edition of Shakespeare. There are a lot of different editions of Shakespeare but I guess it made sense for story purposes…I’m being nitpicky…I know…but I can’t help it. It really is impossible not to be when you are doing recaps like this. You think of and spot a lot of little things. I don’t think of most of this stuff the first time I watch the episodes, though.

The Librarians chase down the little girl that checked out the book. They try to talk her into giving them the book. She demands $50. Stone tried to argue and she puts her finger on his mouth and says “75….tick tick”. Ezekiel is impressed.

It took me a bit to figure out why Stone’s hand is bandaged this whole episode. Then I remembered that he burned it on the space suits after they opened the sun room. I’m surprised they actually bothered with that…unless Christian Kane had actually hurt his hand and the burning gag was a cover for why his hand is bandaged. Which would still be a creative and impressive little detail actually.

Jenkins insists to Prospero that he can not lead them to the Heart of the Library. He is literally not capable of doing it. He should have stopped talking there but he keeps going and says the Heart exists in a different plane of existence. Prospero freezes Jenkins and has Ariel take him to the gateway of the heart of the library.

Flynn and Baird arrive back at the Library. They come through a different door than usual. The others want to know how they came in through another door. Flynn, after clapping to turn off the security alarm, informs them that he can use any door. He is surprised to find out that they can’t. The others fill them in on what happened and Flynn and Baird tell the others what they found at the Wizard’s house. Baird isn’t thrilled to find out that the Library was broken into a 3rd time in the short period that she has worked there. Cassandra has used the book to figure out the passcode to bypass the security lock down. The door unlocks.

Prospero and Moriarty are still in the reading room but in another part of it. Prospero doesn’t think the others will be able to follow them but just in case he reads other fictionals out of books to be the “brawn” to Moriarty’s brains. We don’t see who they are. We only see the words disappear out of two books and fall to the ground.

The Librarians and Baird come into the Library main room to find Jenkins frozen. The Librarians start debating how to free him. While they talk Baird smashes the block trapping Jenkins with a metal bird…thingy. She says the job isn’t all about obscure knowledge (which I imagine is one reason the Guardian exists). Jenkins tells them that Prospero is there with Moriarty and a “celestial being locked inside a pocket watch”. The others know this is Ariel. Jenkins tells them all that Prospero isn’t after his old staff. He is after a new staff and he is going to the Heart of the Library to find it. Flynn knows that the Tree of Knowledge is in the heart of the Library but he has never been there and doesn’t know exactly how to get there. Jenkins tells them that something is wrong with the Library and he doesn’t know how to get there either. Flynn asks to speak to him alone.

Jenkins tells Flynn that ever since the Library returned it has been off. There are rooms missing and artifacts gone. He had hoped he would figure it out before having to tell anyone. Flynn says they’ll talk about that later. Prospero, using Ariel, can find the Heart much easier than they can.

Flynn and Baird look at the maps of the Library from different time periods. Baird notes that certain rooms are the same in all the maps. Others shift and change but not four rooms. The Annex, the Antiquities room and the Reading room are all stable rooms that are always the same. Baird says with 3 points they can triangulate the Library and find the heart. Flynn tries to set up himself and Baird as a team to triangulate but Baird pairs him with Ezekiel and herself with Stone.

Prospero and Moriarty, with the help of Ariel, find the elevator to the Heart.

The Librarians, Jenkins and Baird work to triangulate the Library. Jenkins explains to Cassandra why he didn’t tell anyone what was going on. He believed it as his fault. Judson always kept things in such “ship shape” that he believed he should be able to as well and that it was his fault things were not where they should be. He thought he could get the Library to trust him and get things back in order before anyone realized things were off. They also see in a magic mirror that Moriarty and Prospero have reached the elevator to the Heart.

Two things….couldn’t they just use the mirror to find out WHERE the Heart is? Also, I wonder if Judson is a Knight of the Round Table, too? That would make sense right? It would explain why Galahad is working in the Library (and maybe even why he took the name Jenkins…it is similar to Judson). That story seems to be a big part of the Library’s story. Or maybe the history of the Library and Judson’s past are in the movies and I’m way off but it makes sense to me.

Flynn and Ezekiel arrive at the Antiquities room to find Zeus’ lightening bolt out of it’s case and going berserk. The Greek and Roman artifacts have appeared in the Antiquities room and weapons from the different incarnations of the same God (Aries/Mars, Mercury/Hermes etc etc) are to close together. He says the artifacts touching would be like meeting yourself in a different dimension. They’re lucky the whole place hasn’t blown up, he says. Ezekiel mentions needing a bomb suit. Which they apparently have.

Stone and Baird arrive in the Reading Room. Baird finds the books with blank pages. Alice in Wonderland is one of them. Stone says Alice in Wonderland is one of his favorite books. The other book is Frankenstein. From behind them they heat “off with your heads” and they turn to see an insane woman swinging weapons wearing a ballroom gown of sorts. Baird calls her the Red Queen but Stone corrects her. The Red Queen is from Through The Looking Glass. This is the Queen of Hearts. Baird didn’t know that there was a difference. They fight the Queen as she tries to kill them. Stone says something is wrong. She isn’t following the text of her story. She ordered the beheadings but they’re pardoned. The Queens axe gets stuck and they hide while she is distracted.

Ezekiel is decked out in Greek armor. Flynn assures him it is safe now to grab the lightening bolt. Yet, he is flinching and hiding. Ezekiel points out that Flynn has never liked him. Flynn says it isn’t the time for that. Ezekiel reluctantly grabs the lightening bolt. It doesn’t hurt him. Flynn walks over and takes it and it withdraws into a small metal object. Flynn didn’t know it did that. He throws it aside.

He throws it aside? If it is that dangerous shouldn’t he put it back in a case?

Before they can do much else someone appears in the room with them. It’s Frankenstein’s Monster.

Jenkins and Cassandra are waiting for the others. Jenkins wonders what is taking so long. The elevator is still taking Prospero and Moriarty down. It’s apparently a FN slow elevator…Cassandra says in the movies they usually try to override the elevator. Jenkins points out that in the movies the elevators were made after the Reclamation.

The Queen is searching for Stone and Baird in the Reading Room. They are hiding and trying to figure out what to do. Stone says that Jenkins said the Fictionals are bound by the events from their books. Baird asks how Alice defeats her in the book. Stone says she doesn’t. She just wakes up. It was all a dream. Baird pinches Stone. He jumps and gives her a look. She shrugs and moves away. Stone says “Worth a shot” and follows her. Baird says if they can’t beat her they need to banish her and send her back to Wonderland. The only way to Wonderland is down the rabbit hole Stone says..or “through the looking glass” they both say. Baird says for Stone to distract her and Baird will figure out how to create a looking glass.

Ezekiel holds up a lighter to Frankenstein’s monster and makes random noises. He says Frankenstein’s Monster is afraid of fire. Flynn says “In the movie….not the book” and Ezekiel asks “there’s a difference?”.  The Monster…..rambles about being defined as “monster” and Flynn says the original text was very long winded. When the Monster says he brought forth to kill Flynn points out that he was not brought forth to kill. He killed out of despair. He quotes the book at him. Then he tries to hug him to show him love. The Monster isn’t fooled. He believes no one could love him because he is ugly. He asks “what remedy can their be for one so foul as me” and Ezekiel says a plastic surgeon. They point out modern medicine could fix his looks and his strength would be great for professional sports. The Monster seems intrigued.

Is he supposed to look THAT human? He looks very human. He doesn’t look like a monster at all. I’ve never read the  original book. I’ve read abridged versions of the book but a very long time ago and I guess even then i pictured the monster the way I had seem him portrayed in movies and drawings.

Stone and Baird are still battling the Queen of Hearts. The Queen sees Baird but Stone distracts her with a really dumb riddle.

Ezekiel has said up an OKCupid account for Frankenstein’s Monster and he already has a match.

I’m hoping they came with a better name for him than Frankenstein’s Monster….

The Queen chases Stone past Baird and Baird calls her back. Baird is behind a piece of glass set up in front of two lamps. Stone hits the overhead lights so that only the glass is illuminated. The Queen sees herself in the glass and vanishes. A deck of cards flutters around where she was before.

Ezekiel and Flynn set up and turn on their piece of the triangulating equipment. Stone and Baird turn on theirs as well. Ezekiel stays to hold their stand. Stone stays to hold theirs. Baird touches the energy wave and so does Flynn.

Baird and Flynn appear in a forest. Flynn doesn’t know which tree is the Tree of Knowledge.

Moriarty is impressed by the hiding of one tree amongst a thousand. Prospero asks Ariel to lead them to the Tree of Knowledge.

Baird asks if one tree is the right one. Flynn says it’s the Tree of Sorrow. She also points out the Tree of Righteous Indignation and the Tree of Abstract Creativity. Flynn says he will know the Tree of Knowledge when he sees it. The whole forest is designed to hide that one tree. It isn’t supposed to be easy. They don’t want it to be easy. Baird points out that they want it to be easy for them because the bad guys have a Sprite to show them the right tree. She wants to stop and think but Flynn wants to charge ahead the way he always does. He says his way has worked for 11 years. She is talking about their relationship and their different methods. She says 11 years is beginners luck when Prospero has had 500. About that time Prospero and Moriarty show up and it’s to late to talk about a plan anyway. They hide. Flynn says he sees the tree and he has a plan.

Prospero and Moriarty are walking to through the forest and Prospero says they are near, “upon it’s roots” he says. When Moriarty asks how he knows he points out Flynn standing their. Baird jumps out as well, grabs the pocket watch holding Ariel, and runs off. Moriarty chases after her.

Baird holds the watch over a cliff face. Moriarty points out that he is a fictional, an immortal. If she drops the watch he will simply dive after it. Baird points out that diving off a cliff didn’t work out so well for him last time. She knows how his story ends.

Flynn tells Prospero it’s over. He says he can’t let him live. Prospero tries to figure out which tree is the right one. He delivers a soliloquy that Flynn isn’t impressed by. Prospero figures out which tree is the tree.

Moriarty, who still insists on calling Baird “Duchess” (which is actually kind of adorable…), says that if she has read his book then she knows that his defeat was at the cost of Sherlock Holme’s life. She says that he came back but Moriarty says he came back ten years later and so different that many Holmes scholars believe it wasn’t actually Sherlock who came back but Moriarty in a “masquerade”. He asks if Baird is prepared to take that chance. She holds the watch out and almost drops it. Moriarty says if he gives her the watch he will “quit this field of battle” (which I guess means leave her alone for now?). She doesn’t believe him. He says if she doesn’t trust his word she can trust his self interest. He can’t return to Prospero without Ariel. Prospero can destroy him. If she refuses to hand over the watch he has to fight her for it but if she hands it over he can just return to Prospero. He doesn’t have to fight her. She gives him the watch. He dissolves into black smoke.

Prospero grabs a piece from the tree. Flynn throws Zeus’ bolt into the tree burning it. Prospero is aghast that he would burn the Tree of Knowledge. Flynn says it is more important to keep more power away from Prospero than it is to preserve the Tree. Prospero vanishes swearing revenge. Flynn drops to his knees and watched the Tree burn.

Flynn and Baird are sitting near the burned down tree. Baird remarks that he burned it to keep way Prospero. She calls it the Tree of Knowledge but Flynn says it isn’t the Tree of Knowledge. A small sapling nearby is the Tree of Knowledge. Knowledge isn’t old. It’s new and always growing. He made Prospero believe the tree was gone so he would stop looking. Flynn doesn’t remember what that was the tree of, though. He says not to tell Jenkins.

Jenkins fixed the Reading Room so that no Fictional can enter the Library that way, again and he remarks that the Queen of Hearts is trapped in her book again and Frankenstein’s monster, with his agreement with Flynn and Ezekiel, is out in the world, “we’ll see how that turns out”, he says. Prospero is gone again, the Library is still off kilter and they have an odd note from a Librarian with no mention in the Library of any Librarian ever finding the broken staff. Flynn and Baird bicker about which is more important. Flynn wants to go after the missing artifacts and Baird wants to stay and help fix the issues at the Library itself. They agree to go their separate ways, for now.

Ezekiel says he will fix the security system, Cassandra volunteers to do an inventory of the Library and Stone says he will keep an eye on the clippings book. They’re all wanting to stay and help Baird. Which is what they all agree to do.

I like Moriarty. I kind of hope he survives the season. This was a great start to the season. Last season the overall theme that popped up a lot was the story of King Arthur. This season is will obviously be Fictionals and/or Shakespeare. So, that is cool. I’m sure it will give me (and other people) a lot of additions to their TBR list.

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