Book Review: The Type by Sarah Kay

I am a fan of Sarah Kay. I have read and reviewed a book of her poetry previously. This, however, isn’t exactly a normal poetry book, though. It’s a single poem with illustrations.
On my early generation Kindle, the structure of the pages of this book are odd. I’m not sure what the layout is supposed to be like but it seems like it should be two lines on one page and an illustration on the following page. In a normal book format or even on a different E-reader I’m sure it’s actually a lovely layout structure. It’s just difficult to get a feel for on my e-ink display kindle keyboard. So, I can’t really properly review the layout of illustrations.

As for the poem itself, it took me several read throughs to really feel that I had properly absorbed it. This wasn’t because the language is difficult or hard to grasp. The words and phrases are not hard to comprehend. I just felt that to properly review it I needed to be sure I was thoroughly understanding the message it wished to convey and on my first read through I didn’t really get it, yet.

I also admit the layout made the words harder to absorb for me but that is my own thing not any fault of the book. I prefer my poetry in a more straight forward layout on a page. This is more of an art piece than just a poem, though, and that is fine and many people would absorb the message even better this way.

Anyway, after a couple read throughs I felt I had properly understood it. It is a very good message. It is about, I believe, not trying to find your identity in other people and instead finding it in yourself. Also, about able to share yourself with someone else without losing who you are.

I feel like this kind of message is often lost and instead people go in one of two extreme directions. They either completely lose themselves in their relationships or they refuse to get close to anyone. This poem seems to be about trying to find the happy medium.
There really should be more written about finding that happy medium.

It is a powerful poem and I’m sure it will look amazing in it’s final printed form.
If you would like to purchase it in it’s hardcover edition you can do so on Amazon or I imagine many other booksellers.


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