TV Review/Recap: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 112 “Last Refuge”

“In 2166 an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child. I have assembled an elite team to hunt him through out time and stop his rise to power. Unfortunately my plan is opposed by the body I had sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters. In the future my friends may not be heroes but if we succeed they will be remembered as Legends”

I love this show. I wish I had time to go back and do recaps of all the episodes. I may try to do that at some point before season two starts. It such an awesome, fun show. I literally giggle through most episodes. Especially the last few. I was a fan of Mick Rory and felt he was drastically underused. I like Leonard Snart too but he overshadowed Rory way to often. They did nothing to actually flesh out the character of Mick Rory. Until it was revealed that he was Chronos, the assassin that had been chasing them through time. 

Since then Mick has gotten to take point with Snart fading into the background more often than not doing little more than piping up with
a smart ass remark here and there. Mick is now the useful one with the information. He knows as much about time travel as Rip Hunter. It’s been extremely fun watching the changes in the character and the dynamic between Rory and the rest of the team. 

So, the last few episodes have been extremely fun. Last weeks westerns themed episode that introduced Jonah Hex, who I suspect we will see again, was my favorite episode of the show so far. This weeks is a bit more involved. Still fun but with more game changing storyline points being
introduced. Soooooo lets get started. 

After the intro and the previously on legends of tomorrow recaps we start in what can only be assumed to be a Time Master court. A man is told that he has been found guilty and sentenced to die. He is told the Pilgram has made contact with his younger self. He then falls down and seems to die painfully as the Time Master tells him it will be over quickly. He falls over and dissolves. 

After the man is gone a woman wearing all black with long dark hair walks in. The Time Master tells her “well done” and gives her her next assignment. She flips through photos of Mick, Snart, Sarah, Ray, Stein and Jax on a screen. The Time Master tells her they have meddled in the time line multiple times and she is to hunt their younger selves and kill them. 

I really don’t know why he tells her her job. She knows her job. It seems to be her only job. She is an assassin. I’m thinking all he needed to tell her was who she had to go after. Even the audience could have figured it out from there since we were already told what the Pilgram did and that she was the Pilgram. I love the show but it does this from time to time – over explaining for the sake of the audience even when the audience is ahead of them

Central City 1990 – Snart, Mick and Rip are posing as firefighters in front of a burning house. Snart quips that “this isn’t my element” and Mick says it’s his. Snart looks bored and doesn’t do much. Rip says Gideon calculated that the there is a 90% chance the Pilgram will attack young Rory at this exact time and place. He tells them to keep an eye out for her. 
Sarah and Jax come out of the burning house saying into their coms that young Mick isn’t in there but they found his parents and that they’re dead. They wonder where Mick is.

A bit away from the house watching it burns sits a young teenage boy. He appears to be in a shock. He is just staring. The Pilgram comes up behind him and aims a gun at his head. Ray in his suit shoots a beam at the Pilgram and tell young Mick “come with me if you want to live”. Ray says he’s always wanted to say that. 

I admit the whole storyline point of them kidnapping their younger selves is kind of insane to me. I mean, it’s the very epitome of meddling in the time line. Removing these people from the time line, if they end up unable to return them to the same time they took them from could muck up a lot of shit. I mean it wouldn’t just make it super confusing as to how they even ended up on the Waverider since they would never have become the people Rip recruited. It would also change a lot of things in The Flash and Arrow. 

One would assume what it would actually do is split the time line. Creating two alternate timeline with to distinct versions of each character – the one on the Waverider and the one that grew up as someone completely different. Which would mean whenever any of them meet Cisco again he would get one hell of vibe. 

But that is really confusing because technically if killing their younger selves would kill the current version then removing from their own time line should also erase the current version of them. Or at the very least change them. So, this storyline has some logic issues but that happens with anything about time travel. 

I really want someone on the show to make a wibbly-wobbly timely-wimey joke. 

Back on the Waverider Jax and Mick talk while watching younger Mick. Mick asks Jax what he told younger Mick. Jax says he told him they work for a secret society called Arliss and that he thinks he bought it. Mick says “Of course he did. He’s an idiot”. Jax looks confused as Mick walks away. Jax stood him and asks if it’s safe to leave young Mick unsupervised. Mick agrees that it isn’t and tells Jax to “have fun”. 

Anyone else miss the Chronos outfit? Mick is back in his Heatwave get up and I really preferred the Time Assassin garb. *shrug*

Kendra and Sara practice fighting and talk. Kendra tells Sara she seems calm. Sara says basically that she has just gotten use to all the crazy shit. Sarah tells Kendra she is getting better. She also remarks that Kendra apparently decided to ignore her past incarnation’s advice about her relationship with Ray. Kendra points out that Sara’s advice had been to ignore her past incarnations advice…..blah blah blah. 

I really really really really do not care about Kendra and Ray. They annoy me as a couple. Ray annoys me in general but if he has to exist and has to be with someone then he made more sense with Felicity than he does Kendra. I really don’t like the relationship drama with them. It’s irritating. They have focused on it to much lately. It’s been easy enough to ignore since the stuff with Mick being Chronos overshadowed it for me but it is going to get irritating quickly if they don’t dial it back. I’m really hoping for Carter to return and that to be the end ofRay and Kendra. But for the record all that crap will be skimmed over quickly in my recaps. So, if you want Ray andKendra relationshippy details look else where.  

Stein asks Mick about how his younger self is doing. Mick says that Jax is watching him. Stein mentions that he just lost his family and may want a shoulder to cry on. Mick says he doesn’t cry. Mick also thanks Ray for saving him. Ray says “you’re welcome” then questions why the Pilgrim doesn’t just go back a week and kill Mick then. Rip and Mick explain that the Pilgrim only has one shot at killing each of them because interfering multiple times could do irreparable damage to the time line. Which means they also have only one chance to kidnap their younger selves in order to save them. 

Buuuut Mick as Chronos chasing them through time and trying to kill them….and himself…that didn’t damage the time line? What would have happened if he HAD of destroyed the entire team including himself? 
Time travel makes my head hurt. The Librarians made the best jokes about it, though. Well The Librarians and Doctor Who. But The Librarians basically IS an American version of Doctor Who. 

Gideon estimates that the Pilgrim is heading to Starling City circa 2007. Which means she is targeting Sarah. 

Central City 1990…

I am thinking this caption is actually a mistake. It’s the same as when they took Mick and Sara isn’t older than Mick and they JUST said the Pilgrim was going to Starling City AND the police department sign says Starling City. Soooooo, I’m going with this is actually Starling City 2007 despite what the caption says. 

Teenage Sarah Lance sits at a police desk talking to her Dad. He is showing her the police station, pretending to arrest her, and makes jokes about take your daughter to work day, which Sarah says she is to old for. As they talk they hear fighting. The Pilgrim is in the police station. Her father runs to see what is going on but Sarah is handcuffed to the desk. 

Her father frees her and tells her to Go as the Pilgrim bursts through the window. She chases teenage Sarah into a hallway where she is stopped by adult Sarah and Mick. As adult Sarah and the Pilgrim teenage Sarah noticed she looks like her. She says “oh my god she’s” Mick interrupts with “quite the badass”. 
Back on the Waverider Sarah tells Mick that she put teenage Sarah in the cargo hold with “mini you” and Mick questions whether teenage, non League of Assassins Sarah is safe there. Sarah assures him that she could handle guys like him. 

I like the friendship that seems to be forming between Mick and Sarah. As long as they leave it as just a friendship and don’t screw up what I think is the best portrayal of a lesbian character on TV. TV and Film needs more characters who are gay without being gay being the main focus of the story. 

Rip Hunter talks to Gideon and the group all find out that Gideon can no longer track the Pilgrim. With the help of the Time Masters she is now hiding the movements in the temporal time wave and thus hiding her location. They can’t tell where or who she will go after next. Rip tells them not to panic and starts trying to narrow down who she will go after.

She wouldn’t go after Kendra because her reincarnation ability makes it impossible to remove her completely from the time line. She is also unlikely to go after Rip since removing a time master from the time line can be detrimental to the time line itself. Snart makes a snarky remark about that being convenient and how they know nothing about Rip’s past. Rip says the less they know the safer they are.

I wonder why removing him would be detrimental if he isn’t supposed to interfere or change anything anyway? 

Snart and Rip bicker about Rip having secrets and Sarah pipes up “Are they fighting?”. Rip thinks she means him and Snart but she is referring to teenage Sarah and teenage Mick who they are watching on a monitor. As the team looks at the monitor Teen Sarah slaps Teen Mick. Adult Mick laughs. 

This is one of the most interesting displays of someone who doesn’t really like themselves that I’ve ever seen. Mick Rory has never seemed to have confidence issues. Adult Mick may be cynical and a criminal but he’s never seemed to have any issues with self esteem. Both pre and post Chronos Mick seem pretty okay with them self. But through this episode’s storyline allowing Mick to interact with himself at a younger age we get to see what he actually believes about himself. He calls teenage Rory a “punk” and an “idiot” and seems to over all despise him. As the episode plays out this becomes more obvious and it’s the most interesting thing about this episode. Mick hasn’t had much Character development. So, this was a welcome plot

In the Cargo Hold Teen Sarah tells adult Sarah that teen Mick told her he liked how she smelled. Mick says he’s usually a lot smoother but is kind of freaking out. Sarah tells Mick to keep his hands to himself and she tells teen Sarah how to slap more effectively (open flat palm). She asks if she needs to separate them but they say no. Teen Sarah asks when she can go home. Adult Sarah tells her she is safer there. Teen Sarah is worried about her Dad but adult Sarah reassures her he is fine and he won’t ever lose her. Teen Sarah also wants to know why they look alike. Adult Sarah tells her they’re related. 

Teen Sarah is super whiny. I’ve only recently started actually liking adult Sarah. I found her annoying for most of the show (I don’t watch Arrow – so I never saw her on there) but the last couple episodes she has grown on me. Teen Sarah however I am not so fond of

Ray is sitting in his room eating dry cereal from the box. Kendra walks in and he tells her Rip has a collection of vintage cereal. He says Fruit Brute, the one he is eating, was always his favorite. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that when things get crazy he always goes back to those two years him and Kendra spent in 1950s Hope City. He was happy there. He is about to tell her that he had planned to propose before Rip and the team came back to retrieve them but he collapses in pain before he can tell her. Kendra looks under his shirt, bruises and injuries are appearing. 

In the med bay Kendra asks Gideon what’s happening. She says Ray is suffering from serious internal injuries. A scan of the timeline shows an anomaly on December 19 2014 at Palmer Technologies. Rip says it’s the Pilgrim and tells Gideon to take them there now. 

At Palmer Technologies in 2014, the Pilgrim is attacking Ray. Rip and Firestorm arrive to save him. The Pilgrim throws Firestorm’s fire back at him. Rip and 2014 Ray are stopped from their escape but Rip picks up part of Ray’s prototype suit and shoots at the Pilgrim. She flies out a window from the blast and 2014 Ray marvels that his suit works before he passes out. 

On the Waverider current Ray is stabilizing. Him and Kendra have a moment. He thinks she found the ring he intended to use to propose but she hadn’t. He assumes they’re now engaged. She doesn’t correct him. 

Have I mentioned how much I dislike this relationship? 

Also, they don’t take 2014 Ray with them. Why is it okay to leave him in a hospital but not okay to leave the others? 
Stein asks how the Pilgrim was throwing their attacks back them. He says it seemed like she was reversing time. Rip explains that that is exactly what she was doing. “It’s called temporal micro manipulation. The ability to control time in ones immediate vicinity”, he explains. 

They need a villain or hero that can do that on The Flash. It would be interesting. They had one that could slow everything down. That’s close but this would be more interesting. 

They still don’t know where the Pilgrim will go next. So, Rip has Gideon plot points for the birth dates of Snart, Stein and Jax. They have to be removed from the time line as newborns to avoid the Pilgrim being able to target them at all. Stein calls it brilliant. Snart calls it morally questionable. 

Snart is uber quippy in this episode. It’s pretty much all he does. He has faded into the back ground as Mick has moved up to, in this episode at least, being Rip’s right hand man. Snart pipes in with sarcastic quips to remind us and the team that he is indeed still there. It is good to know that he does find kidnapping newborns to be morally questionable. One would assume he would find kidnapping babies with non good intentions to be morally wrong. It’s not always easy to tell with Snart but hey morally questionable is better than thinking it’s perfectly acceptable behavior. 

Mick mentions that it’s risky. Rip explains that if they take to long to return them then they’ll disappear from the time line. Anyone that has ever known them will no longer remember them. Jax comments that his mom wouldn’t know him. Stein says his wife..Mick pipes in “yeah and my….oh yeah….I don’t have anyone”. Snart says it’s better than dying. 

 More of Mick and his sudden insight into his own view of himself. This time not even talking to his teen self. He suddenly seems to care that he has no one to go home to. Snart was really his only friend. His family even. At least Snart won’t forget him….even if things seem a bit distant between them. He doesn’t seem to see the plus side of the fact that anyone that cares about him at all is already with him and won’t forget him. 

Kendra and Sara talk in the hall about Ray. 2014 is healing in the hospital. So, modern Ray is healing as well. Kendra tells Sarah she is engaged. She never thought being engaged would be a possibility. She doesn’t sound happy about it. Sarah asks if she liked babies. Kendra says yeah hesitantly. Sarah asks for her help and says then she will help her figure out what to tell Ray. When they walk away, Ray walks in. He heard the whole thing, presumably. 

Why are people always lurking around corners listening to conversations about them on TV shows? I have literally never had this happen in real life but it is in every TV show ever made. Ifs out live in a TV show and you are looking for someone and can’t find them, just say something about them that you don’t want them to hear. They’ll automatically be teleported to right around the corner so that they can over hear you. 

Central City 1972 – Kendra and Sarah walk down a hospital corridor dressed as nurses. Sarah tells her that this is just like any other mission. They’re stealing a newborn but it’s no different than a diamond or a microchip. Kendra tells her she is starting to sound like Snart. 

I just had an awesome thought!!! What if they have altered the timeline so much that they have changed themselves. Mick and Sarah’s burgeoning friendship could be because they became partners instead (they met as teenagers now after all). So, they hand a different relationship than originally and that is also why she sounds like Snart. She basically took his place. Snart is getting more distant and more moral because he now didn’t grow up with an abusive criminal father. He never went to juvie. He never met Mick. They’re altering their future selves already by altering their pasts. 

I really hope that is happening, it would be awesome and really great writing. 

Kendra and Sarah find the nursery and baby Leonard Snart. They coo over the baby. Kendra comments in the rough life he has ahead. Sarah comments that it’s a good thing they’re kidnapping him. They leave the nursery with the baby. 

Teenage Sarah and Teenage Mick are in the cargo bay still. Sarah asks Mick what he is doing and he says he’s getting them out of there. Sarah says they dont even know where they are. She accidentally puts her hand on one of the door access panels and Gideon says “Identity confirmed Sarah Lance” and the door opens. Mick goes to leave but adult Mick, Sarah and Kendra come in with baby Snart. They inform them that they’re now in charge of the baby. Adult Sarah saying that teen Sarah made five grand babysitting the previous summer. Kendra hands teen Mick the baby and adult Mick growls at him (literally) saying he better not drop his future criminal partner. 

I love that Mick literally growls when he talks. I really hope we find out more about Vanishing Point and how long Mick was Chronos. It had to be a pretty long time. Rip knew who Chronos was when he first came after them. He was around long enough to have a reputation

With Snart safe from the Pilgrim, Rip discuses with the team where they will go next. Stein wants to hold his baby self but Rip says it’s a bad idea to be involved in his own kidnapping because it’s best not to create a paradox. Stein says it’s almost worth the risk to know what their own fathers must have felt the day they were born. Jax says not his father. He shipped out before he was born and died in Somalia. He never got to see Jax at all.

But Sarah was there for her own kidnapping and Mick was there for his. Is it only a bad idea because they’re now kidnapping them as newborns? 

Ivy Town 1950 – a woman gives birth to a baby in the back seat of a car on the side of a back road. The father holding the newborn asks his wife “What do you think of Terry as a name?” Rip walks up saying “oh looks more like a Martin I believe”. Mick is with him dressed in an ill fitting doctors coat. They are in an ambulance car. Mick asks if they called for a doctor but the man asks how they would have. Rip says what he meant was they were driving by and saw them. They say they’ll take the baby to the hospital and him and his wife can meet them their. He hands the baby to Mick with little complaint. 

Good thing Rip and Mick actually have good intentions…..

Stein comments on it being disconcerting that his father handed him over to two strangers so easily. Ray tells him the 1950s were a more trusting time. He knows because he lived there for two years. They are walking in a hospital. Stein stops in his tracks when he sees a man in military fatigues with a name tape that says “Jackson”. Jax’s father did see him the day he was born after all. Stein runs off to get adult Jax. 

Stein comes back with Jax and shows him his father at the nursery window. Jax goes to talk to him. He says he’s suppose to be shipping out and his Dad asks him now he knows that. Jax points at his bag. His Dad tells him that he got a pass to come see his baby. He tells Jax to give the nurse a message to his wife that he saw his son and couldn’t be more proud and happy. He tells Jax that he knows his son is destined for great things. He says to remember the name Jefferson Jackson. Jax almost tells him who he is and probably how to not die but he doesn’t. 

I really really loved this part. I loved this moment. I’m glad Jax got to meet his Dad. My husband informs me that while the camo of the uniform is probably correct the rank and other details were way off buuuut I don’t care. I loved this moment. 

The Pilgrim comes into the nursery to find a note in baby Jax’s crib. It says “missed me”. 

The Waverider lands outside a quant country farmhouse. Snart asks where they are. Rip says come outside and he will tell him. Outside Snart again asks where they are. Rip says they need a safe harbor for the babies and teen Mick and Sarah. An older last comes out of the house to greet them. She shakes Rip’s hand and says she has been waiting and it’s good to see him. He says “It is good to see you, too mother”.

Inside the house children play and run around. The lady calls to them and tells them to take off their boots before coming back in. Another little boy tries to steal a cookie off of a tray. She shoos him away and wanders off herself. Jax, Stein, Kendra, Snart and Ray all comment on the plan. Stein says if all goes according to plan the babies and teen Sarah and teen Mick will only be there a few minutes then be returned to their own times and not remember anything, Ray and Kendra comment on how seldom their plans actually work the way they initially intend. 

They actually seem amused by the fact that things rarely work out. 

Rip tells them not to slouch. He says his mother is tough as nails. Snart comments on him having never mentioned having a mother. She walks back in then and says “adoptive mother”. She also calls him Michael, which is apparently his real first name. She explains the Time Masters practice taking on new identities for their own protection. She also says she works for the Time Masters but that her loyalty is to her children. 
The lady and Rip explain that the Time Masters fill their ranks with orphans pulled from all over time and raised at the Refuge. She says when Rip, who she is calling Michael still, arrived there he had nothing except the clothes on his back. The Refuge is hidden in a secret location in history. She insists the Time Masters would never think to look for them there. Stein thanks her and Snart says she will have her hands full with him. The lady says he isn’t the first case to land at her door. She looks at Rip and Snart says “Hmm”. 
Adult Mick finds teen Mick in the hallway with a match. He asks him where got the match. He says they’re always around. Adult Mick acknowledges that he knows teen Mick set the fire that killed his family. Teen Mick if he thinks he meant to kill them. Adult Mick says he thinks he fell in love with his Dad’s lighter fluid, with the flames dancing around but he lost control of the fire. Then he ran. He says the only thing he was concerned about was his own skin. He threatens Teen Mick. Says there better not be any accidents while he is home or he will come looking for him and kill him. Teen Mick says he sounds just like his Dad. This seems to rattle Mick. He looks taken aback, it’s subtle but it’s there. He walks away. 

Mick is really playing around with the self loathing here. Now he’s threatening to kill himself. Something he previously as Chronos was seemingly also trying to do. Which really seems like a paradox waiting to happen to me. 

Rip is watching children play. His mother walks up. He says he couldn’t bring himself to leave yet. She gives him mince pies to take his friends. Rip comments on the fact that he has risked his friends relationships with their own families to save his own. She scolds him. She insists he isn’t being selfish and that she has always known he is destined for great things. She shoos him away insisting she will be fine as will the Refuge. 
The Waverider leaves the Refuge. Stein finds Jax crying in the hall. Jax tries to act like he’s fine but Stein reminds him they share a psychic connection. Stein apologizes and says he thought Jax meeting his father would make him feel better. Jax says he thought so too but now feels guilty for not warning him of his death. Stein reminds him that there is no guarantee anything he could have said would have changed the outcome but Jax is still upset. 

It never ceases to amuse me that the over all theme of this show seems to be “Let’s all go fuck with the time line in every way possible” despite Rip saying from the start that they need to be careful to change as little as possible. 

Kendra and Ray discuss their relationship. He tells her he heard her and Sarah’s conversation. He gives her a chance to end things. She tells him she wants to be with him but she knows it can’t last. She explains about meeting the former version of herself that warned her against being with anyone except Carter. He tells her she can decide if she wants to be with him or not. He basically gives her the “decide your own future” speech. 

Which really is dumb. They have traveled through time and she has been reincarnated over 200 times. They both know full and well that destiny IS a thing and some outcomes can’t be prevented. 

An announcement calls everyone to the main deck. Once the team is there Rip shows them a message from the Pilgrim. Photos of Snart’s sister, Sarah’s father, Stein’s wife and Ray’s former fiancé are shown. The Pilgrim herself has Jax’s father. She threatens everyone they’ve ever cared about if they don’t turn themselves over to her and the Time Masters. Rip asks Gideon to call the Pilgrim. Rip makes her an offer. He will trade himself in exchange for the safety of his team and their loved ones. She says “no” she is to eliminate the whole team. Rip says if she kills a younger version of him then the team would never exist. He insists it isn’t a trick, enough people have died for him quest.Rip tells Snart his wish to know more about his past is about to come true. They will meet his younger self. 
The Waverider lands at an Abandoned Time Masters Outpost. Rip calls it neutral ground. Jax says he thought they were picking up Rip’s younger self. Rip says he’s meeting them there. His mother walks up with the little boy who tried to steal the cookie. She tells Rip she doesn’t approve of his plan and assures the others that their younger selves are safe. She looks at Mick and says “You’re a naughty one” and he replies “That’s right”, looking proud and smug, a hint of the pre Chronos Mick coming out for a second. 

I love the storyline turn that has made Mick a bigger asset to the team but I kind of miss the pre-Chronos Mick who was a bit more fun and less haunted. 

The Pilgrim arrives. Rip tells his Mother to leave. She tells Rip to give her hell and fist bumps younger Rip. Jax asks about his father and she says he’s on her ship with the others. They’ll be released when she has young Rip. Stein asks if she knows the damage she will do the timeline killing a Time Master. She tells him she is sanctioned by the Time Masters to do whatever it takes to do what her “former colleague Chronos” failed to do and take down their team. She wants them to hand over young Rip now. Mick says they don’t believe their loved ones are on the ship. She offers a show of good faith and agrees to give Jax’s father first then the others after she has young Rip. Rip assures himself that he will be fine and sends him over as the Pilgrim sends over Jax’s father. 
Jax says to Stein as soon as his Dad is clear they should “light this up”. Stein agrees. Sarah and Kendra are hiding waiting for Ray’s cue. They all clearly have a plan to attack. 

Ray, as the Atom, lands on young Ray’s collar and says into his com that he is in position. Tiny Rip asks if he has “done something wrong, Miss” and she tells him “not yet”. Ray attacks then. He says “now” and grows and shoots at once. The Pilgrim freezes him. Sarah tries to attack but is also frozen. Snart and Mick fire with the heat and cold guns but she reverses their fire back at them. Firestorm forms and tries to attack but she freezes them. The same happens with Kendra. She freezes Snart and Mick on their second tries. She holds everyone frozen as we get an odd smooth moving pan around and up over the entire scene. The Pilgrim with them frozen tells them that she was willing to proceed with the plan in good faith but now they will watch their loved ones die. She is stopped in her speech and looks down to young Rip stabbing her in the stomach repeatedly. He quips about her not knowing him but makes it clear he knew more than he let on about what was going on. She pushes him away before he can stab again. This causes her to break her focus and the whole teams attacks come down on her. She is reduced to a pile of ash. 
Mother rushes back in to take young Rip off. Rip explains to the others that he knew what his younger self would do when the Pilgrim tried to kill him. He was a “cut purse” who starved more than he ate on the streets before the Time Masters found him. Snart says it’s lucky he didn’t forget his roots. Rip says “Believe me Mister Snart, I’ve tried”. He walks off. Mick watches him seeming to understand. 

Interesting interactions between Mick and Rip in this episode, too. 

Rip tells his mother the Time Masters will still be after them. She assures him his friends will be safe there with her. He says he knows that. They discuss what he was like as a kid. He says he misses home and she says that’s why she knows he will be back. 

Adult Mick approaches teen Mick in the hall again. Teen Mick is playing with a lighter and asks if he is going to give him a don’t burn down the house speech again. Teen Mick Is holding his hand over the lighter and adult Mick says “you think by hurting yourself it’s going to make you feel better about the fire”. It doesn’t sound like a question. Teen Mick replies “You don’t know anything about me” cause that is the reflex teenage answer to give. Adult Mick tells him the truth. He tells him he is him. He also tells him the house fire wasn’t his fault. “You were just a kid. I spent my whole life blaming you. Hating you. For something you didn’t mean to do”. Teen Mick asks him why he is telling him this. ” You can’t change the things you’ve done. But you can change who become. Don’t be like me. Be better”. 

I do love the development of Mick as a whole character. Of all the cast of this show he was the one the least developed on Flash or Arrow. Now, he is the one they have made go through the most changes. It’s interesting and I love Mick. I even liked him before when he wasn’t very well developed. I like the changes they’re showing. I hope he doesn’t get TO self aware or introspective but I like the touches on it they’re doing. As long as he stays Mick Rory. 

On the Waverider, Stein talks to his wife. She doesn’t remember him. Sarah talks to her Dad. She gives him an amnesia pill but let’s him to decide to take it or not. Stein is concerned that his wife can’t remember him. Rip says it’s because until they return baby Stein he doesn’t exist in the timeline but once he is returned she will remember him. Stein is upset because when they left he assumed he would returned to the same moment as if he had never been gone. So, he didn’t say goodbye. Rip again assures him he won’t let stein’s marriage be sacrificed to save his. 

Jax and his Father talk. His Father had trouble grasping what is going on but tells Jax he is proud of him. Jax tells him on September 21st to keep his head on the swivel for an IED. 

Ray talks to Kendra telling her that his former fiancé is resting in their room. Kendra tells him she isn’t worried anymore about them. She wants to marry him. 


Snart and Sarah meet up in the hall. She asks about his sister. Snart says she is fine. She’s a tough kid. He asks about her Dad. She says he’s sleeping off the amnesia pill. 

It’s super weird to me that they don’t show Lisa or Anna. I mean it was probably a time constraint thing and not cramming so many guest stars into tiny parts but it feels awkward to me. 

Jax talks to Rip about warning his Dad. Rip seems to think he did the right thing. Mick comes in saying “I just pulled younger me’s head from out of his ass”. Ray says he isn’t sure it stuck. Mick says “Me either” but he wanted to give it a shot. Stein is surprised that Sarah didn’t warn herself about her death. Sarah says so is she. 

Rip tells them all that the timeline with their younger selves removed from history is starting to set. That is why Clarissa didn’t remember Stein. Ray asks how long they have before it’s permanent. Mick answers that no one knows. Rip says they have to move fast. They don’t have time to try to locate Vandal Savage in time. They have to go to where they know where he will be. 2166, the year he conquered the world. 

As the season winds down and knowing it was indeed renewed for a new season I am very curious where it goes from here. They can’t chase Vandal Savage forever. That likely will come to a head in the finale but I’m unsure where it will go after that. This is currently the show I look forward to the most each week. Part of why IS because I don’t really know where things will go. The Chronos is Mick Rory thing threw me for a loop. I only figured it out right before it was actually revealed. That is a huge deal to me. I usually figure things out way in advance. I’m hard to surprise and I’m always Impressed when a show surprises me. 

I don’t know how often I will be able to do these recaps but I hope to recap this whole season eventually. So, keep checking back for that. 

Also, if you like this show you may want to check out The Librarians. And also Doctor Who but most people know about Doctor Who. People seem unaware that The Librarians exist. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursdays on the CW. 

*This post has some formatting issues that I can’t seem to fix. WordPress, especially when being used on my phone, gets kind of glitchy when the posts are this long. *


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