TV Review: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 201 “Monster” & 202 “We All Fall Down”

As anyone that has read my season 1 reviews and recaps for Fear the Walking Dead already know, I am not this shows biggest fan. I honestly almost didn’t bother watching this season but I hold out hope that it will improve and live up to the comics and show it sprang forth from. 

So far this season, it still has failed to do this. 

My absolute biggest issue is that the characters, with the exception of Nick and Javier (both males of course because no show in the history of television seems to be as bad at writing women as the Walking Dead writers), are mindnumbingly boring and frustratingly stupid. They’re the people in horror movies that make you yell “What the fuck is wrong with you” at the screen. Much like Lori in the original series i am unsure how they survived pre- zombie apocalypse much less how they’re surviving now. 

The first episode of the season finds them preparing to board The Abigail. Chris refuses to leave his mother’s side and when the walkers start coming Travis, desperate, brings the body with them. 

I don’t want to get into lots of spoilers so that this review stays friendly to those that have to wait for Netflix, Amazon Prime or the DVD release. So, I won’t go further with actual details of the first episode but that right there is a good example of the issues I have with these characters. They stand around and argue when they’re being attacked by zombies. I get that it’s hard and I don’t begrudge them the chance to grieve but….zombies. Get on the fuckikg boat. Then be sad. Then argue is you must. 

The stupid continues into the second episode but it does at least have some more interesting twists as the Abigail comes across an island with living inhabitants. 

I honestly spend the duration of every episode of this show hoping for most of the characters to die. It’s like watching an 80s slasher movie. You really want everyone to die and you know a lot of them will because they’re to stupid to survive. 

Which isn’t to say it can’t be fun to watch in its own way. Just don’t go into this season expecting everyone to have matured or developed survival instincts. They haven’t. Maybe they will but probably not. So, don’t get attached to anyone. Unlike The Walking Dead, where at the very least Rick is probably safe, this show hasn’t clearly established a lead yet. It is probably Nick (since he was the first character we saw and the first of the cast to see a walker) but Travis is still a possibility. And they could even throw a curveball and make it someone else entirely like Madison or Javier or even Strand. 

I’m rooting for Nick. He is one of the few characters that I can both tolerate and that seem to have survival instincts. He also is the only character of the likely possible leads with a lot of room  to grow and a lot of interesting story to tell. 

Fear The Walking Dead airs on A&E on Sunday nights. 


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