Book Review: Elle The Entrepreneur by Andrea B Newman

Elle likes to set the table with pretty floral center pieces. She decides to advertise and try to get jobs doing this for her neighbors. 
This book would be a good way to introduce the idea of a job to children. It could be used to help in finding what they are good at and what they enjoy. It presents the idea in an easy to understand way. 
Elle also exhibits perseverance and positivity when she is having trouble finding anyone interested in her services. She is a good role model for children having a hard time sticking to things that aren’t immediately successful. 
My only complaint is the further enforcing of boys liking baseball and girls liking to wear dresses. While this is certainly often true it also isn’t something I feel needs further re-enforcement.  It’s not done in a way that is offensive or non-exclusive I don’t think. At least it isn’t in my opinion. So, it wouldn’t be something to make me rule out purchasing the book or recommend against it. 

The pictures are vibrant and engaging and actually drew my daughters attention. She rarely looks at pictures in books and she looked at these. She also seemed to enjoy the story. Which is also rare for her. Generally, she only likes books that rhyme. 
Overall, I think it’s a fun, colorful and informative book that children would enjoy. 
Elle The Entrepreneur can be bought now anywhere books are sold. 
*I received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review* 


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