TV Review/Reflections: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 113 “Leviathan”

And in this episode we return to Vandal Savage. I know he is supposed to be the main focus of the show (or at least the first season) but I have just really enjoyed the non-Savage centered episodes much more lately. 

In this episode we meet Vandal Savage’s daughter. It’s actually unclear if she is his biological daughter or if he just adopted her after her mother died. Either way, he raised her and she has his last name and calls him her father. 

Honestly, this was the first episode I almost disliked since the pilot (yes I wasn’t impressed with the pilot at all but have loved the show since then). 

But the few highlights made me not dislike it since they’re were worth the parts of the episode that I didn’t love as much. These highlights include: Mick and Snart working together again with their cold and heat guns, Snart having some possible minor flirtation and definite kindred spirit conversation with Savage’s daughter, Snart being the one that kind of saves the day, Mick is general because he is always awesome, Kendra and Ray seemingly on the verge of breaking up, The Leviathan itself which reminded me of a Jaegar from Pacific Rim. 

The season is winding down and I’m unsure where the show is going. The Vandal Savage thing can only be stretched so far. This episode already stretched it further than it should. He should be dead now. 

I really want to like Kendra but she keeps doing really dumb shit. 

I’m counting on the show to make better decisions from here on out. And I’m looking forward to seeing how the season ends and where it goes next season. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on the CW. 

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