Book Review: Old School/New School Mom by Sarah Fader

A parenting book of sorts that compiles posts from the blog of the same name. 

Old School/New School Mom does a great job of giving simple advice without ever Momsplaining (a phrase I use to describe when other parents that don’t know you try to tell you what to do without actually acknowledging that every child and circumstance is difference). 

Fader also tells entertaining and interesting tidbits about her life and environment that aren’t always related to parenting. 

The chapters are short and easy to read during free moments of a busy schedule. 
I’m unsure if these are all essays that appeared first on the blog or if any are new material. Either way if you enjoy having things in printed form and all in one off line place (as I do)then this book would still be better for you than the blog. 

You can buy Old School/New School Mom at Amazon and places book are sold. 

*this book was received for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*


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