Book Review: Royal Day Out by Meg Cabot

Royal Day Out is a short story from the point of view of Olivia, Princess Mia’s little half sister and the newest discovered princess of Genovia.
The first book in this spin off series was From The Notebooks of a Middle School Princess and the newest up coming one is Wedding Day Disaster. This story comes in between the two. 
It’s a fun story and gives some more insight on Olivia, a very smart girl who has a lot of similarities to her sister but plenty of traits all her own. 
In this story Olivia spends the day out in Genovia with her Grandmother trying to find a gift for Mia and crashing a luncheon at the local yacht club. 
Royal Day Out will be available on AMAZON For free on May 10th. You can preorder it now! 
*This book was received for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.*


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