Book Review: For Dog’s Sake by Amy Luwis

For Dog’s Sake is a basic guide to safety and health for dogs. It tells you poisonous plants and foods and what to do about insect and snake bites as well as other common issues you may run into when owning a dog. There is even a poop guide that you will likely find yourself referring to. 

Seriously. You will never believe how much you end up having to talk about and deal with poop until you own a dog…..or a baby…but don’t use the poop guide in this book for your baby. I don’t think it would be accurate. You need a different book for interpreting your baby’s poop. 

Anyway, this book is a great basic guide for dog owners or dog sitters that want a quick reference book. It’s short and easy to refer to. If you want a more detailed book I would still recommend getting this one as well. This book will be easier to get quick answers from that you can then use to determine if you need to refer to your bigger book for more info or get to the emergency vet ASAP

You can buy For Dog’s Sake at your favorite bookseller. Or on Amazon. Which is where I buy pretty much everything. 

*I received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review* 

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