Book Review: Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong by AJ Low

I am in love with this book!!!! I can’t believe someone hasn’t snatched them up to adapt them into movies already. Or a cartoon tv show. Television and movies desperately need more representation of Asian characters where their storylines aren’t all about being Asian. It is certainly good for characters to stay in books but this one seems to be screaming for a good adaptation to me. Of course adaptations aren’t always good. Anyway…

 This character is my favorite child character that I have read in a very long time. He may be my favorite child character ever. Sherlock Sam is awesome. 

In this book, Sam searches for a family friend’s heirloom recipe book. The story is well told and the events play out in an easy to follow manner. It’s a great mystery for children and I even enjoyed it as an adult reading it alone (my daughter isn’t fond of any books that don’t rhyme at the moment). 

Sam puts clues together the same as his hero Sherlock. He uses deduction and logic and he is bound to become a hero to modern children and maybe even help introduce them to the classic Sherlock stories. 

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong will be available on August 2 at your favorite bookseller. Be sure to request it to make sure they order it. 

*I received this ebook for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review* 


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