TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 114 “River of Time”

This isn’t so much a review and it isn’t a recap. It’s more my scattered thoughts on the episodes events. So, it’s only going to make sense if you have seen the episode. Also, lots of spoilers. 

First off I still think Kendra is a fucking idiot for not killing Savage. They could obviously free Carter without him. There is no reason for them to believe Savage that they needed him to save Carter. Or hell who cares. They could have left that Carter where they could him and picked up another Carter in another century. None of this part of the storyline makes any sense what so ever. It just makes Kendra seem really stupid. 

Speaking of Kendra’s love life. Am I the only one that finds Ray to be extremely selfish? He knew Kendra’s backstory. He knew the situation. He knew her and Carter have been together across many lives for thousands of years. Knowing this and starting a relationship with her he should have been accepting of the fact that he would always come second to Carter. It isn’t Kendra’s fault. It is just how it is. Acting all butt hurt now as if she did something wrong isn’t fair and is extremely selfish and self centered. I really don’t like Ray and I didn’t like him and Kendra together but the way he is acting now is really stupid. 

The melodrama is a bit much for me. It isn’t my favorite. 

What is my favorite is Snart and Rory working together again. They’re back to their old team up and their old ways it seems. Snart is less the hero in this episode and that’s good. I like him and Rory working together. I like that Rory is smarter now but I missed them working together.

How did they not know that the Time Counsel were corrupt? They created assassins like Chronos and the Pilgrim. Does that seem like a bunch of sane people to you? Of course they’re in league with Vandal Savage. He fits right in to their menagerie of psychos. 

Yes I called Chronos a psycho. He was. And Mick Rory kind of still is but he is a functional psycho now. So……

Snart and Sarah seemingly hid from the Time Masters when they came aboard the Waverider and took everyone. So, I expect they will be who saves the others. Mick Rory could also maybe convince them he will work for them again if he wanted to (he also could actually work for them again I imagine – he will always do whatever keeps him alive). 

I’m curious to see where it goes next week. This wasn’t my favorite episode at all though but it was still enjoyable because I always enjoy this show. I just don’t enjoy well most things involving Kendra and Ray and the melodramatic love story. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs on CW on Thursdays nights. 


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