Book Review: The Munchkin Book by James Lowder

So, I’ve never played Munchkin. I want to. I want to play a lot of card games and table top game but no one will ever play with me. So, I’ve never bought any of the expensive games. I own some random older board games that never leave the closet and that is about it. Eventually one day I’ll have people to play with, I hope. I figure if nothing else I can rope my kid into it when she is older. 🙂

Anyway, my interest in gaming made this book appeal to me despite not having played the game. I wanted to read it to see if it would tell me more about the game. I thought it was a manual about how to play and what not. I was wrong. 

That said, it did tell me more about the game. What the book is is a collection of essays by different writers who all have different connections to the game (the creator, artist, players etc). Each essay is also accompanied by an officially sanctioned new rule you can choose to use during a game session. Only one rule per game though. 

The essays give lots of insight and stories into and about the game of Munchkin. I actually didn’t know it was a parody game. I haven’t ever played the types of games it was initially a parody of it would seem (because I didn’t really understand any of the references in the essays to the things the cards make fun of).

While I do feel this book is mostly for those already familiar with Munchkin, probably those that played it more than once, it certainly isn’t incomprehensible to someone like me who has never played or even looked at the cards closely beyond a quick look through of demo decks at a game shop. So, if you have even a passing interest in maybe playing the game one day and the book appeals to you then you should buy it and give it a read. If you are already a big fan of the game and you are the type that like to read non-fiction then definitely but the book and give it a read.

The Munchkin Book is available now at your favorite book sellers and possibly your favorite game shop. 

*I received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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