Book Review: Castile Soapmaking by Anne L Watson

So, prior to reading this I knew nothing about Soapmaking. I didn’t even know what made soap “Castile” soap. Which is admittedly bad since I actually use a liquid Castile soap. 

If you are like me and know nothing about Soapmaking then this book is not for you. Early in the book Watson warns you that if are not proficient in homemade Soapmaking already then you shouldn’t attempt making Castile soap. Castile is a speciality soap and more difficult to make than normal soap. 

If you already know the ins and outs of soap making and want to tackle Castile soap then this book is a very handy guide. 

It gives you some history and tidbits about Castile soap and then tells you the steps to make it. It also gives options for variations and different methods to try. 

Castile soap generally has to sit for a year or more to harden but this book contains methods for faster hardening. It also gives tips on adding things to the soap and the author’s own recipes. 

The book isn’t very long but it covers everything in a very direct way. I followed it even with no knowledge of Soapmaking. 

If you want to buy Castile Soapmaking you can do so now on Amazon. The author also has many other books on Soapmaking that I’m sure are just as easy to follow and informative.
*i received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review* 


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