Book Review: Five Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Their Kids and Sex by Anne Marie Miller

I found this book surprisingly informative and open minded. 

I specify open minded because it is written by a devout Christian and it discuses religion often. 

But unlike some books who take this approach Miller stays realistic. She knows kids will be exposed to sexual images and song lyrics and that some will choose to have sex. She doesn’t keep blinders on that children who go to church are exceptions. 

In fact she directly addresses the issue of so many parents assuming their children are the exceptions to the statistics. She directly addresses a lot of things. She talks openly about not just sex but also porn and addiction. Including her own experience with an addiction to Internet porn. 

Unlike so many books she avoids a judgmental tone. She does discuss religion and God often and I do worry that that will scare some people away from the book. Just as the frank talk of sex and not just preaching abstinence or nothing may scare off some of the crowd that wouldn’t mind the talk of God and religion. 

I hope both groups over look their prejudices and give this book a chance. You can respect her religion without taking offense to it because you have a different religion or no religion. I assure you those parts of the book are easy to skip and the rest is very informative. As for the religious crowd that are against teaching their kids about sex….they will learn one way or another. It really is better comingfrom you. 

While I was already open minded and intending to be honest with my kids about sex and I’m not Christian, I still found useful information in this book and highly recommend it to anyone with kids. Especially if you are certain your kids know nothing about porn or sex. 
Five Things Every Parent Needs ToKnow About Their Kids and Sex can be purchased on May 17th at your favorite bookseller. 

*i received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Five Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Their Kids and Sex by Anne Marie Miller

  1. Thank you. This is honestly one of the kindest reviews I’ve ever received. I greatly appreciate your open-mindedness to the perspective from which I wrote. I’m grateful you took the time to read and review it! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. I always try to be kind and honest and fair. I feel so many critics are overly…well critical…when often the book just doesn’t share their exact viewpoint or beliefs. I try hard not to do that and not to be critical just for the sake of being critical.


      1. I love it when people can have different beliefs and even values and still act kindly toward each other! 🙂 As a Christian, that’s what I strive to do, to live and love and have my values and beliefs yet still be open to others and respect what others have to say and believe. So your review is truly the highest compliment and I really applaud you for not being the “critical for the sake of being critical” …

        It would mean the world to me if you left your thoughts on Amazon or B&N or something if you haven’t already. I love when diversity is shown on Christian books. It really does mean a lot! 🙂


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      2. I haven’t left them yet on anywhere besides here and Netgalley but I will leave a review on Amazon right now and try to remember to leave them other places when I get the chance. I really wish more people of all religions and those not religious would hold the same values that you do and that you show in your book. Acceptance and understanding of others is lacking so much in the world and in my opinion those things can make such a huge difference in so many peoples lives and they don’t cost anyone anything. I loved that you pointed out in your book to make sure your kids know you love them regardless of their decisions because I think that is something so many parents don’t really think to do. They want to use scare tactics instead (and sadly I’ve seen so many churches do the same thing although I have also seen owns that don’t use scare tactics as well luckily). And I really believe and have seen evidence of it myself that acceptance and understanding work so much better and are much more likely to encourage honesty than fear does. I’m happy to see you seem to hold those values as well outside of the pages of your book. And I’ll happily leave good reviews for you everywhere i can.


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