TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 115 “Destiny”


So, several things happen in this episode that I loved and a couple that I don’t. Well, one i don’t like and one I would expect not to like by an actually okay with if they leave it alone. 

I loved seeing Mick in the Chronos suit again. Even, though he hated it. And I loved that his reveal as a good guy still involved crushing a guy’s head with his boot. That is a pretty perfect scenario for making Mick Rory a good guy. He’s still very much Mick. He’s more of a vigilante than a hero. It’s kind of to bad he isn’t Marvel. I’d love to see him and Punisher interact. 

I loved Jackson’s perfect timing and that he got to show off his engineering skills to the past Stein. 

I’m torn on the Snart and Sara thing. They make sense as a couple. They do. And Snart’s attempt to hit on her was adorable (and would have totally worked on me….). Buuuuuuut, even though Sara was previously established as bisexual, I would really prefer her to just be a lesbian. There are so few good lesbian characters on TV. I suppose there hasn’t exactly been a character who was actually bisexual and shown in long term relationships with men and women on TV either. So, I guess she is still a good character (on Legends of Tomorrow that is…..her story arc on Arrow was ridiculous). But…still…I really don’t need more relationship drama on Legends of Tomorrow. Kendra/Carter/Ray is more than enough. I don’t like relationship drama on my superhero shows. 

All of which isn’t relevant since Sara and Snart aren’t going to have a relationship cause he went ‘splodey. Which I thought would upset me but it doesn’t. I like Snart’s character arc. I like that he became the hero that Barry Allen believed he could be when he told him he saw the good in him. 

Well, I guess technically they could be together if they went back in time and picked up Snart again from another time or dropped Sara off there. It was announced after this episode aired that Wentworth Miller was signed to a unique contract that covers all of the Arrowverse shows. Captain Cold is officially dead in the current time line and will no longer be a permanent member of the Waverider crew but he will still appear on the show (and the other Arrowverse shows). Which is good to hear. I love Captain Cold. He started out as my favorite character on this show and he was the only reason I started watching The Flash. So, I’m glad he will still be around on and off. 

I am kind of glad he won’t be around permanently though. His story arc was pretty complete. They didn’t have much else to do with him (except the dumb romance shit). His backstory was already pretty thoroughly explored and him exiting the crew opens up more time for them to further explore Mick Rory. He still has tons of story to explore. They have barely delved into his time as Chronos and only touched slightly on his childhood. I’m eager to see more Mick focused stories.

That is if Mick survives the season finale. I really hope he does. I wouldn’t like the show anywhere near as much with both Mick and Snart gone. Plus, there really is so much story left to tell with Mick.

Aaaanyway, next week is the season finale. I have no idea what is going to happen. I am both scared and excited.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursdays on the CW. 

5 thoughts on “TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 115 “Destiny”

  1. Great review. I need to get up to speed with this show. I’ve spent all my time watching Arrow and The Flash that i’ve kind of neglected this one. I was wondering if you’re currently sharing your writing on any other movie/tv platforms?


      1. Hey there! I replied to your message a couple of days go but it’s still not showing so I’m sensing it might have gone to your spam folder, not sure why. Looking forward to your reply.


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