Book Review: Air by Lisa Glass

Iris is a surfer, sponsored by Billabong, touring with her surfer superstar boyfriend Zeke. Air is about surfing but mostly about Iris and Zeke’s relationship. 

It’s very young adulty and I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all. Iris is sixteen about to turn seventeen and traveling the world with Zeke for surf contests and public appearances. There is a lot of relationship drama and some soul searching for Iris.

Air isn’t a long read and it’s not the best book you’ll ever read. If you’re over the actual target audience for YA novels you may also get frustrated by Iris’s lack of confidence and tendency to put Zeke before herself (even while she gets mad at their manager for doing the same thing) but for the most part Iris is likable and the book is fun to read. 

Air would make a great summer beach or vacation read. It’s emotional but not so much so as to ruin your day. If you’d like to read Air you can buy it wherever you like to buy books on June 7th. 

EDIT: Air is a sequel to a book called Blue. Blue tells the story of Iris and Zeke meeting. I wasn’t aware of this when I read Air to review it and honestly you don’t need to read Blue first if you can’t find it or just don’t want to because I was never confused while reading Air. I had no idea it was a sequel. 

*i received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.* 

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