TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1123 “Alpha and Omega”


Hmm. Well. That was interesting. 

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the finale. I was lukewarm about the whole Darkness\Amara storyline after she grew up (it was interesting when she was a baby and ok when she was a little girl) anyway. 

Then they did the whole Chuck is God thing and thought that was cool. Buuuut they kind of didn’t really deliver on it. I mean there just seemed to be so much more story there. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad there was a happy ending of sorts (although it’s a bit bizarre since Amara killed a LOT of people and God is all no that’s cool lets go bond and be a family again). I just wish they had did more with God/Chuck first. 

Then the bit with the British Men of Letters chick. I mean no one actually thinks that Sam or Dean will ever die and stay dead. So, that’s never a concern but I am concerned by the whole men of letters thing for next season. Who knows though? Maybe it will be interesting. 

Plus it seemed that either Dean was sent to the past or Amara resurrected his mother. And either of those things will be extremely interesting. 

So, overall I was kind of eh about finale. It felt a bit anticlimactic but I think that was intentional and I admit I didn’t see most of it coming. Which means I can’t say it was bad. Just not my favorite finale ever. 

Supernatural returns in October with it’s 12th season.  


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