Music Review: Jonathan Jackson + Enation “Blameshifter” 

Enation funded their new EP Blameshifter through a website called Pledgemusic. They offered a lot of relevant and awesome incentives for donations to pay for the album. 

I don’t remember all of the incentives. The one I personally chose was a $20 donation that gave regular exclusive updates on the album’s production, a download code for the EP prior to it’s public release and a mailed copy of the DVD and CD “Jonathan Jackson + Enation Live From Nashville”. 

So, I’ve had the EP for a little while. This review is rather delayed. 

The EP has five original songs and a live recorded cover of Unchained Melody. 

Jonathan Jackson has a great voice with great range and he definitely shows it off on these songs. I won’t do a song breakdown because I’ve changed my mind about those being a good idea in reviews. I don’t want to spoil the songs for people. 

But I will say the songs are well crafted indie rock songs. The EP is worth your money and worth your time. 

However, if you are use to hearing Avery on Nashville keep in mind that this isn’t Avery. Enation doesn’t sound like the music from Nashville. As long as you keep that in mind and you like more than just country music then give this a shot and you’ll probably like it. 

You can buy Blameshifter online pretty much anywhere music is sold as well as from the Enation website. 


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