TV Review: Nashville Episode 421 “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday”

The ABC series finale of Nashville was something I was hesitant to watch. I was initially intending to wait until the show was picked up by another network. Especially when i heard that it ended on a cliffhanger. 

I’m not really a fan of the cliffhanger endings. I understand why they exist and that they lend a sense of excitement to a show but I prefer when shows are written so that each season feels complete. Shows I love get canceled to often and then the cliffhanger ruins the whole damn show for me because it’s never resolved. So, I prefer each season to be it’s own contained unit. Not a completely new story like American Horror Story. All the seasons should be connected obviously but if I’m writing a show each season will have a feeling of resolution so that fans don’t feel completely hung out to dry if a show is cancelled. 

That said, I think Nashville has a good chance of finding a new network home. So, hopefully that pans out. Tweet #BringBackNashville as much as you can to help this happen.

On to the episode (and the spoilers). So, let me start off saying I really don’t like Layla but she has had a tough time. She does keep getting screwed in her career and losing Jeff sucked. He was a jerk but she loved him and he seemed to be redeeming himself a bit with her as well. I felt really bad for her…

Right up until she started using Avery and Cadence to get back at Juliette. Juliette has been through a lot of shit of her own already and has more than paid for her sins. Also, Avery has been other people’s pawn to much. And poor Cadence is just a baby that has only had Avery as her one constant. Luckily she’s had him but the last thing she needs to be someone’s pawn in a plot against her mother. 

Now, Avery wasn’t innocent in this. He wanted distraction from Juliette and Layla was convienant but I think he wanted to care about her and did value her as a friend at least. The betrayal of knowing he had been a pawn in a plot had to sting. I’m glad it and Juliette’s public confession was enough to show him Juliette is trying to be better, though. I’m happy about that outcome. I’m happy Avery stopped being an idiot. 

If the show gets to continue I imagine Layla is going to be tuned into Juliette from early in the show (a concept they teased when she was first introduced). Someone who values her career more than anything else because she has effectively ruined everything else. She burned her bridges with all of her friends. Even Will isn’t going to be happy to find out Layla was using Avery and Cadence. Will seemed to have gotten pretty close to Avery and Cadence. Hell, Layla even tried to use Jeff’s death to keep Avery around. It just backfired on her but it proved nothing is sacred anymore to her. 

I wish Avery’s career had gotten the chance to take off but the stops and starts he experienced are probably more realistic and I like that Nashville showed a case of the Dad stepping up and being the single parent who effectively sacrifices his career for his daughter. If/when the show continues maybe he will get the chance to produce and perform more. 

I was so glad Maddie came home. I don’t love the way it went down but I’m glad she came home and Deacon did a great job controlling his temper. Even though he’d never hurt Rayna or Maddie or Daphne. His temper is a legitimate issue he has and I’m glad he is dealing with it and trying to control it better. 

Oh Scarlett and Gunnar. I love their songs. I find their personalities annoying. Lol. They’re both very sweet people but Gunnar gets stupid jealous over tiny shit and Scarlett fought way to hard to find excuses to end things over and over. Loved their kiss on stage, though. And how pissed the crazy manipulative lady was. 

Will and Luke taking on the homophobic newscaster was awesome. I loved Will’s reaction to her on camera and his growing acceptance of himself. 

Honestly, this episode tied up the characters stories so well that I almost hate for the show to return and ruin it. I DO want the show to return but I just love the idea of that kiss onstage being the conclusion to Scarlett and Gunnar’s story and for Will to be remembered at that event he helped create. 

Of course as much as I wanted I did felt she deserved it this time I don’t want Layla to end that miserable and the cliffhanger with Juliette’s plane missing needs to be resolved (although an alternate ending was filmed that showed her and Avery  and Cadence reunite. So that does exist if the show isn’t picked up and will I’m sure get intentionally leaked then). 

Overall, though, I expected this episode to make me sad but it didn’t. I can live with this ending (I’ll just pretend the plane showed up a bit late but all intact). It really wasn’t a bad ending at all. 

That said I still very much want someone to #BringBackNashville

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