TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow Episode 116 “Legendary”

The first season finale is super eventful. I can’t help but feel that this should have been a two hour episode. They do a good job condensing it for the most part but some things feel a bit rushed. I know they had to fit a lot into this first season though. Overall they didn’t do a bad job at all with the episode count they had. This is going to be a super brief recap. If you want a full recap you’ll have to look elsewhere. This episode is so packed with info that a brief condescended recap is the best I can do. 

Minus Captain Cold, Rip Hunter decides to drop off the others back in 2016 before anyone else gets hurt. He tells them he is going to return their younger selves to the time line and they can go on with their lives. 

Of course they don’t like this plan. After not much time at home they all convene and contact the Waverider. They want to help track down Vandal Savage and rescue Kendra and Carter. 

I’m a little confused as to why they even treat this reincarnation as if it is the same as Carter. It’s a future reincarnation. It isn’t the same as having their Carter back. Also, what  happened to Kendra from that generation? 
Also, the whole kidnapping their younger selves was an interesting fun episode and the idea was intriguing but they really just kind of let it go after that. It wasn’t mentioned for a while then they just sort of tossed in this conclusion that we didn’t even see. I felt a bit cheated. 

Sarah found out about Laurell’s death and wants Rip to take her back to save her. Rip explains why he can’t and why he returned her to late to be there when she died. Sarah would have died too and so would have her father. Rip saved her by making sure she wasn’t there. Which Sarah eventually reluctantly accepts. 

I wondered when they would address Laurell’s death on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. The Flash did it with Laurell’s Earth 2 double. Which was less sad than Sarah finding out her sister is dead but still. I’m glad both shows addressed it. If they want these shows to exist all in the same universe than they have to make sure to keep them tied together. I wish Arrow and The Flash referenced the characters and events of Legends of Tomorrow more.
Once the Waverider has returned and they’ve straightened out the whole Sarah wanting to threaten Rip into taking her to the past to save Laurell they start figuring out what to do next. 

Meanwhile, Kendra escapes from Savage in 1944 France and runs into a soldier wearing a helmet she had seen on the Waverider. She leaves a note in the hat before Savage shows up and recaptured her. 

I thought this was cool. Absurd in its way but cool. 

Rip and the crew finds the note in the helmet when Kendra’s changing of the time like causes the hat to move and Jax to knock it over. They head to 1944.

They intercept Savage attempting to steal from the Germans. While Mick, Ray and Sarah fight Vandal and the Nazis,  Jax frees Kendra and Carter.  Kendra is shot by the Germans but alive and not seriously hurt. They can’t recover her though and they have to retreat. 

Carter tells the others what he remembers about Vandal’s plan. With what Carter says and some other bits and pieces they tie together they figure out that Savage plans to use technology from an alien race, the same race responsible for Carter, Kendra and Savage’s powers, Savage plans to destroy the timeline and reset the world back to the time of the first meteor – the time of Carter and Kendra’s first life. 

Stein figures out the math of what Savage has to do. He has to cause a nuclear explosions using the meteors that originated from the alien race in three different time lines. All of the time lines coorelate with the same astrological event that occurred during that first meteor hitting the Earth. By destroying the timeline in three different decades at the same time he creates a paradox and resets the world.

This is an insanely convoluted plan and a leap and a half for Stein to figure it out but they do actually comment on how crazy the plan is. So, they’re aware of how crazy it is at least. Lol. 

They head to 1958, 1975 and 2021. Savage with the help of his past selves will set off explosions but as soon as the radiation is released from the meteorites Savage will be mortal. Stein knows this. Savage doesn’t. So they can kill him three times over. They split into three teams to do just that. 

Honestly I don’t even know this works. They say they have to act “at the same time” but they’re not even in the same time period and they’re time travelers. And they don’t even seem to be in contact with each other (but they are all contact with Gideon so maybe they are talking to each other). How can they act at the same time in different time periods? That isn’t how time works. They have explained themselves that time doesn’t work like that. I don’t know how this is suppose to work lol. Wobbly wobbly timey Wimey…

Carter and Rip in 2021. Ray and Mick in 1958 and Sara and Firestorm in 1975 all go about the plan. Sara, Jax and Stein watch the events unfold from the last time they were in 1975. Ray fights one of the 1958 bird men as Mick goes after Savage. Kendra escapes in 2021 and helps Carter when he is losing a fight to Savagd. 

Fighty fight fighting. Lots of exciting stuff. Blah blah blah. Sorry…long fight sequences don’t appeal to me really but my daughter enjoyed this part. She likes superhero fight sequences. And explosions. And fire. And monsters. She’s a weird/awesome toddler. 

Mick kills Savage in 1958. Sarah kills him 1975 and Kendra and Rip him in 2021. All of the meteors were activated before they killed him. Ray shrinks the one in 1958 causing the explosion to be tiny and Firestorm turns the meteor into water in 1975. They all convene with Rip and the Hawk people in 2021 where the meteor there is still active. Firestorm and Ray both fail to stop it. Rip takes it on the Waverider and plans to fly with it into the sun. 

It’s pretty clear here that Rip is just deciding to kill himself. 

Rip comes up with another plan at the last minute. Deciding he doesn’t want to die and Gideon also not being ready to go, he instead ejects the meteor into the sun and time jumps back to the moment he left. Confusing the others who now have no memory of him intending to die himself since he returned to the moment he left and before they have the conversation about what he is doing. 

Rip changing his mind about dying is also an important turning point for the character. He has wanted to save his family And that was his drive to live. Then his revenge was his drive. Having failed to save his family and succeeds in killing Savage he has no really reason to go on and was happily ending things but then changes his mind. That decision to live should show changes in the character next season. He is no longer tunnel focused on saving his family. His life is now moving on from that point of loss, not trying to change it. Or…..

Rip tells the crew his plans to take over the old of the Timemasters and try to keep order in the timeline. He invites them to come along. Then returns them all to 2016. 

Well, not Ray and Mick. Rip takes Mick to 2013 to talk to Snart. With much difficulty (especially considering 2013 Snart isn’t the same Snart that died – this is before he changed a lot) Mick tells Leonard that he may not think he is a hero but he is a hero to him. Then he leaves. Ray and Rip ask Mick if he told Snart what happened, how he died. Mick didn’t of course. Rip tells him if it’s any consolation he can always bring him back to that same time and place to talk to him again. Mick says to leave it be. 

So, now they can return to the same point in time Again. They no longer are limited to only one trip to a point in time. Shouldn’t that mean Rip could still save his family? It’s certainly something they are only mentioning here because it will be important later to know. 

Everyone decides to go with Rip except Kendra and Carter who want to figure out life with Vandal Savage gone. Rip and the crew minus Kendra and Carter (and Snart of course) are about to leave on the Waverider when another timeship crashes. A man introducing himself as Rex Tyler from the Justice Society of America tell them to not get on their ships. He says if they do they’re all dead. He claims that Mick sent him to warn them. 

Aaaaaand it ends like that. A casting call was sent out for two new characters for season two. So, we know the Waverider is getting members to fill the chairs left empty by Kendra, Carter and Snart. We also know the JSA and Earth 3 (via The Flash) will be part of the Arrowverse come Fall. Plus whatever Earth Supergirl is from. Presuming that isn’t also Earth 3. Also, Snart will likely make appearances on all three, possibly all four shows. Somehow. More timey Wimey shit. 

Personally all I ask for next season is more Mick Rory backstory, more of his time as Chronos and at least one obvious Doctor Who reference. That’s all I want. 

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