Book Review: The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Paul Thomas MD and Jennifer Margulis PH.D. 

I am very pro-vaccine but this book intrigued me and I was eager to read it. 

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan is written by a pediatrician who is also pro-vaccine. He does however believe the current vaccine regime isn’t just unnecessary it is dangerous. 

The book does veer into fear-mongering territory but the author does seem to be trying to avoid that. He is quick to point out that while their is research and statistics to back up his beliefs these are his beliefs. He doesn’t force his opinions and I never picked up a judgmental tone from the book the way I have other books and article about vaccines in both the pro and anti directions. 

Since this author does make an effort to point out what is backed by research and what is his currently unprovable opinion I believe this book would be a great read for any parent or parent to be who wants to make a healthy informed decision on what direction to take when it comes to vaccines. The book introduces an idea oddly seldom discussed – that you don’t have to be entirely pro or anti vaccines. You can pick and choose and you can delay them. You can be pro-vaccine and still not follow the recommended vaccine schedule. 

For those concerned with things like the mercury in vaccines but also not wanting to risk their child’s health by foregoing vaccines entirely this is book is perfect. It can help you decide which vaccines could safely be forgone or delayed to limit mercury exposure. 

If you are dead set in your opinions reading this book certainly can’t hurt and if you are wavering back and forth on vaccines this book is sure to help you. I don’t personally agree with everything in it but I felt much better informed after reading it. 

If you’d like to purchase The Vaccine-Friendly Plan you can do so at your favorite book seller on August 23rd. 

*i received this book free from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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