Book Review: Caleb’s Healing Story by Kathleen A. Chara and Tasha Lehner

Caleb’s Healing Story is a sequel to another similar book called A Safe Place For Caleb. They’re interactive self help story books.

In Caleb’s Healing Story Caleb tells us different stories about things that happen during a typical day for him. He tells us how he works through the hard parts of his day with the help of his adoptive parents and teachers. 

I read this book as an ebook and I definitely think it should be purchased as a physical book. It is meant to be a workbook. It asks the reader questions about their own struggles and is designed to help them get through hard times. It should be available as a physical book that can be referred back to. 

The book is geared toward victims of trauma. Caleb himself was abused and neglected by his birth mother and then adopted by a loving family. The trauma he experienced makes it difficult to trust people. Even after measures have been taken to make him safe he still has bad times. 

While adopted children with traumatic pasts would be especially benefited by this book the way the questions are worded any child with trauma in their past could use this book.

Caleb’s Healing Story and A Safe Place For Caleb are available from Jessica Kingley Publishing. I can highly recommend any books from JKP and this book is no exception. Look for it at your favorite place to buy books. 

*I received Caleb’s Healing Story from the publisher via Netgalley for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Caleb’s Healing Story by Kathleen A. Chara and Tasha Lehner

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