Book Review: Being A Girl by Hayley Long

Being A Girl attempts to help teen girls with questions on subjects that are important to teen girls. 

Hayley Long has the intention of making being a girl sound fun and special and she succeeds in lots of ways. For girls that age just having a book that is directing addressed things specific to them can be extremely helpful. 

I don’t feel that she addresses issues like being transexual or gender fluid as well as she could but that is really my biggest complaint. 

I have read another similar book that I preferred over this one (and that I have a copy of put up for my own daughter when she is older) but I believe that book is out of print. So, this one may do well to fill that gap. 

You can purchase Being A Girl on October 25th at your favorite bookseller. 

*i received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review* 

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