Book Review: How To Catch A (Falling) Star by Gabrielle Aquilina

How to Catch a (Falling) Star is the sequel to How to Catch a (Rock) Star and it picks up not long after the events of its predecessor. 

This time we follow Johnny and a new character named Darcy. Darcy is a television star that Johnny meets at a talk show interview. Having met her previously and been turned down by her he is hesitant about seeing her again, despite his attraction to her. 

Events turn dark when Darcy is attacked by another guest and Johnny intervenes. Things escalate from there until Johnny and Darcy are both involved in tabloid scandal, legal battles and a steamy relationship. 

I don’t love the almost-rape theme this series seems to have. I do like that this book addresses a lot of the victim blaming and unfairness that goes on when attacks like this happen in real life. The first book didn’t address that as directly and I really like that this one does. 

I love the character of Johnny. I liked him better than Jed or Lillie in the first book. I was looking coward to this book from his POV and it didn’t disappoint. He is a great character. 

I was less impressed with Darcy. She isn’t a bad character but she, much like Lillie from the first book, are just not characters I relate to at all. They are characters I’m sure many women do feel a kinship with, though. They’re definitely mass appeal characters. 

My biggest issue with these books are the characters inability to just be direct with each other but I also have the same complaint about people in real life. So, I certainly can’t say they’re not realistic in that sense.

I don’t want to get to spoilery but if you love romances with steamy sex scenes and happy endings this book (and its predecessor) should be perfect for you. It’s dramatic and fun. Despite my few complaints I enjoyed both of these books immensely. 

You can buy How To Catch A (Falling) Star on July 28th at your favorite book seller. 

*i received this book free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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