Book Review: Hooked by Allen Wolf

I actually read this book last year. Then my daughter got sick and a whole bunch of crap happened and I forgot to review it. I forgot I had even read it actually. Going through my activity feed on Netgalley and looking at all the books I had yet to read and review reminded me that I had actually read this one. 

Along with remembering I had read it was remembering my mixed feelings about it. I always approach books about autism, disability, neurological differences or developmental delays with some trepidation.

I don’t always like the way people with neurological differences are portrayed in fiction and often I disagree with the message the books convey. Some books I outright hate and can’t even finish. This wasn’t a book I hated but there were small things I didn’t love. 

The basic premise of the book is that an autistic man falls in love with a prostitute without realizing (at first) that she is a prostitute. It sounds hokey and it is a bit at times. 

In the end I enjoyed the book, though. It’s a cute story and best I can recall it had a happy ending. I would recommend it but would also point out that if you are familiar with autistic people in real life you may not love everything said about the main character or about autism. 

I don’t think anything is bad enough that anyone would hate the book based on this but it’s always best to be warned. 

You can buy Hooked now at your favorite bookseller (I think) and certainly on Amazon. 

I received this book for free from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. 



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