Book Review: The A to Z of ASDs: Aunt Aspies Guide To Life by Rudy Simone

I love Rudy Simone. I already own almost all of her other books. I also love Jessica Kingsley Publishers. They have such amazing releases all the time. I. And recommend their books enough.  I was super excited to be able to read and review this book.

The book uses the letters of the alphabet to talk about different aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Each letter has multiple entries. It covers pretty much everything you can think of from bullying to GI issues to paranoia and vacations. If you can think of it it is probably here. 

While it isn’t my favorite Rudy Simone book it is a great addition to a collection. It’s the perfect quick reference book if you need reminders of something about a certain topic. 

It is also just a fun read. It’s always great to read something in a voice that is familiar. For those of us who don’t often get to read things and think “that is totally me” it is always great to add another book to the collection that causes that reaction. 

Whether you are on the autism spectrum or someone you know is or even if no one you know is and you just like learning about new things this is a great read. If you have never read a Rudy Simone book though I would recommend Aspergirls as the place to start. Then this as a follow up. 

You can buy The A to Z of ASDs by Rudy Simone on August 18th at your favorite book sellers.

*I received this book free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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