Book Review: The Pinkaboos: Bitterly and the Giant Problem by Laura Gosselin and JakeGosselin 

The Pinkaboos is a book series about three friends, Bitterly, Abysmma and Belladonna, who attend Fright School together. As they learn to be better Frights they also encounter the same problems all adolescents do and help each other through things. 

Frights protect children and help them learn to face their fears. So, the series also helps it’s young readers learn how to overcome their own fears. They learn how to deal with nightmares right along with the children the Frights are helping. 

In this book, Bitterly herself has to deal with a bully and gets help from the child she was assigned to.

These books are middle readers. They’re for the kids at the step above picture books. Perhaps still being read to by their parents but started to read on their own as well. 

It’s a great series and should be perfect for kids that like things like Monster High. 

If you want to read The Pinkaboos: Bitterly and the Giant Problem you can buy it at your favorite book seller on September 6th. 

*I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a fair a shiniest review*


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