Book Review: Twilight Zone – Shadow & Substance

Shadow & Substance is a graphic novel version of the classic Twilight Zone. Well, maybe not the classic show. It is really closer to the film. It is in color for one. 

Also the stories don’t have that same eerie feel that the classic black and white show had. Not to say that they’re bad. They’re not. The film wasn’t bad either. Just different from the classic show. 

Basically, I would have preferred it to be black and white and more like the classic show but it is certainly worth reading. If you like episodic stories and the Twilight Zone you’ll like this comic. 

You can buy Twilight Zone Shadows and Substance now at your favorite book and/or comic book sellers. 

*i received this book for free is Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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