Book Review: A Recipe For Romance by Elizabeth Hilton

This book isn’t really my usual fare. I requested it on a sort of whim when I was looking for something light and distracting to read. This fit the bill.

If you are into very light, PG rated, romance then this is perfect for you. It’s about as light and fluffy as they come. If you want a fun weekend beach read this would be a good choice. 

I will say be warned that some of the choices the characters make are frustrating. It’s the usual thread of behavior where if the characters just actually talked to each other and didn’t react irrationally without discussion then a lot of heartache and headache would be saved for everyone.

 This annoyed me since the characters are very different from my own personality and the things they did were often things that made no sense to me but probably wouldn’t be an issue for fans of romance novels in general. 

As far as romance novels go though this one wasn’t a bad read. I’m rarely disappointed by a happy ending and I so enjoy a love story even if the people falling in love aren’t people who make choices that I would make. 

You can buy A Recipe For Romance by Elizabeth Hilton at your favorite book store right now. 

*I received this book for free via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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