Book Review: Striker Slow Down! by Emma Hughes and John Smisson

Yay another Jessica Kingsley Publishing book. I love them so much! 

This is an adorable book about a hyper little kitten who just can’t seem to slow down. The text is in rhyming couplets and my daughter loved it. She will only tolerate rhyming books and honestly there aren’t as many of them as you think there are.  So, we will have to get a print version of this book.

The art is vibrant and colorful. It’s very eye catching but not overwhelming. I can be color sensitive and this didn’t bother me. They’re just fun pictures without being too much. 

While this book would be a good tool forchildren with ADHD or autism or anything that causes them to get overstimulated and hyper as it teaches a lesson about being in the present moment. Which can be a great help to calm the mind when it is racing. I think it also would be good for any child. It’s a cute book and almost any child could use a good story about being in and enjoying the present moment. 

Striker Slow Down! will be released on October 21st from Jessica Kingsley Publishers and you should absolutely ask your favorite bookseller to stock it and preorder if possible. 

*i received this book free from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review* 

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