TV Review: New Girl Episode 601 “House Hunt”

As the title says, Schmidt and Cece are looking for a house. After they fire their real estate agent, Jess takes over against their wishes to help them find a house. Meanwhile, Nick returns from his trip and Jess panics because of her recent realized feelings for him. 

I love Jess and Nick together. I really, really do. I’m routing for them to end up together. Nick is adorable. 

I don’t love that romper that Jess wears in this episode, though but if anyone could be cute in a romper it’s Jess.

I’m just not a fan of rompers and that one looks awkward. I’m not shocked that Jess would wear awkward rompers though. It’s not an illogical wardrobe choice for her. 

The episode itself was cute and fun, though. We are looking to buy a house soon, too. So, it’s relatable and it had a happy ending. Which is about all you can ask for in a sitcom episode. 

Great start to the season. I’m looking forward to the rest. 

You can watch New Girl on Tuesday at 830pm on FOX. 


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