TV Review: This is Us Episode 101 “Pilot”

I’m going to gush. I absolutely love this show. I need a show like this right now. Everyone needs a show like this right now. It’s absolutely amazing. 

At least, the pilot was amazing. 

For those who haven’t seen the episode I won’t spoil it because it’s better if it’s not spoiled but I will give a run down of the storyline. 

The show follows a group of people all born on the same day. The pilot specifically takes place on their 36th birthday. It’s an important day for them all for very different reasons.

It moves smoothly from one story to the next. The storytelling never feels choppy or jarring. It feels natural. 

I will talk about the pilot again in my review for the next episode and in that review I’ll give away spoilers but for now this is all I’m saying. Watch This Show! This episode is the exact emotional, uplifting thing that everyone needs right now. Watch it. 

This Is Us airs on Tuesday at 10pm on NBC 

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