TV Review: Lucifer Episode 201 “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer” 

Interesting and actually almost low key start to the season. I had watched season reluctantly because I don’t like when they adapt Lucifer incorrectly to the screen and he is almost always done incorrectly. 

And while they DID change his look and a lot of other things i still found that the character grew on me. As did the show. 

So, I was excited for the start of the new season. 

The episode itself deals primarily with Lucifer trying to find his Mother, who escaped from Hell at the end of the previous episode, and with Chloe Decker trying to decide what she believes. 

There is also a case they’re investigating but it’s more or less irrelevant. The episode is really about Lucifer’s Mommy issues and Chloe trying to figure out who or what she believes Lucifer is. 

Both of those topics come to a sort of resolution by the end of the episode. Making it clear still that those two topics will likely be the center piece of the season. Should be an interesting season. 

Now for what I really want to talk about, toward the end of the episode Lucifer himself plays and sings an amazing cover of All Along the Watchtower. Seriously. It’s amazing. It gave me chills. It also officially gave Lucifer a top spot in my favorite characters on television right now. 

I love when actors sing on shows. Blaine’s piano ballads on iZombie made me like him a lot more. I’m really hoping we hear more songs from Lucifer this season. 

You can catch Lucifer on Fox Monday’s at 9pm. The next episode will be on October 3rd. 


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