Book Review: Breathe Mama Breathe by Shonda Moralis 

Breathe Mama Breathe is about mindfullness and meditation. It is geared toward mothers (as is obvious by the title) but it would be appropriate for anyone who is short on time and in need of a natural treatment for mild anxiety….or as supplemental treatment suggested by a therapist for more severe anxiety. 

I don’t really see where it offers anything that other books on mindfulness don’t also offer. Some of the more famous books are perfectly adaptable to a short time frame. 

That said, the catchy title and writing that is more personalized toward parents would certainly feel more accessible for people intimidated by the more famous books. 

And for those that do feel more drawn to this book it does a perfectly adequate job helping the reader understand and implement mindfulness. 

But if you have previously studied mindfulness this book isn’t likely to add anything to your knowledge or practice. That said, if you want to read another take on the same information this is still a pretty good read. 

If you’d like to check out Breathe Mama Breathe you can purchase it from your favorite bookseller today. 

*I received this without charge in exchange for an honest review.*


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