TV Review: Conviction Episode 111 “Black Orchid”

I’ve been critical of this show since it started but I’ve also been a big cheerleader for it. It had so much potential from the start and such a great cast that I knew it could be sooooo good with the right writing and energy. 

It got a bumpy start but after the episode I last reviewed it took a big upswing and since it came back from winter hiatus it has been really really good. It’s finally living up to it’s potential. 

The cases still aren’t perfect. Some feel familiar from other crime procedurals. The thing is, Conviction isn’t a crime procedural. It’s a drama. It’s a drama set around a crime procedural. The characters and their lives as they relate to the cases are the real story and the show works best when they give in to that. 

That said, this is a different take on a crime procedural even when it comes to the cases. Once they hit their stride the cases get interesting and hold my attention well enough. Which isn’t always easy to do. 

But what you really tune in for is the drama. You want to know what Hayes will do next. 

Speaking of Hayes, her story arc is interesting in that it isn’t much of a arc so far but that’s a good thing. She’s spoiled, difficult and entitled. She knows this and doesn’t seem to much care. Only she does care and that’s what is revealed as the show progresses. As cold as she seems she isn’t. She cares deeply for the wrongly accused and the underdogs. She resents her own privilege and that’s why she flaunts it and throws it in everyone faces while also trying to sabotage it. She doesn’t grow or change but we learn more about her as the show goes and she does become more likable. 

The rest of the cast get more story as the show goes too by in 12 episodes they can only cover so much and Hayes Morrison is the show’s center character. Given more time they will develope everyone more I am sure. They did a decent job with almost everyone with the time they had. 

The women do get more coverage and that is smart writing. They know who their audience is. Women are the main viewers of crime procedurals and prime time dramas. The writers and producers are finally figuring this out and women are becoming more of a focus on the shows themselves. 

Hayes Morrison is the center of this show. Both Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds both have women at the head of their units now. It is really really nice to see women in positions of power. 

A lot of these shows critics, including one former star of Criminal Minds, talk about how cruel these shows are to their usually female victims. They choose to ignore how great it is for women and girls to see the female “heroes” on these shows save people, solve crimes and just generally be awesome. These shows are some of the best representations of feminism and equality on television and it’s sad that that isn’t noticed more. 

Anyway, back to Conviction, it isn’t perfect but it’s getting there and I look forward to it every week and I’ll miss it if it’s not renewed. It will be very sad for such a great representation of differently portrayed female characters to be gone so quickly. 

Conviction comes on on Sunday night. The last scheduled episode comes on this Sunday. Here is hoping their are more to come. 

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