TV Review: Conviction Episode 112 “Enemy Combatant” 

This episode deals with an accused terrorist. Hayes father brings her the case wanting her to look into it. Since the man was never given a trial or officially convicted this case is a bit different from the usual. 

Every crime drama has to do the terrorist episode. So, it was inevitable. It was a good episode, though. Although, not the series strongest. 

I have found out that Conviction hasn’t been renewed. The final episode aired tonight (I haven’t seen it yet but will review it when I do). It makes me very sad that a show with such potential wasn’t picked up for more episodes. I would like to think that maybe another network will pick it up but I’ve seen no indication that it is being shopped around to other networks at all. 

This show featured such strong female characters that it makes it even more sad that the show is ending so quickly. I would have really liked to have seen them have time to develop and be given more layers and nuance. It was never an amazingly written show as far as the cases went but the characters were well done and the potential for their development grew as the show progressed. I am sad to see it end. 
The last episode of Conviction aired tonight but I imagine you will be able to find it on a streaming network and eventually on DVD. 


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