TV Review: Lucifer Episode 211 “Stewardess Interruptus” 

*There Shall Be Spoilers* 

Well, to no one’s surprise that almost kiss from episode 110 gets interrupted. 

Lucifer and Chloe are interrupted by a stewardess, as per the title’s insinuation, showing up for a surprise booty call with Lucifer. But even before that Lucifer himself already tried to ruin the moment…or perhaps just lighten the intensity, by talking about ketchup. 

For anyone taking notes, Chloe doesn’t like ketchup. 

The next day Chloe and Lucifer are on their way to a murder scene as Lucifer tries to explain that he didn’t sleep with the interrupting stewardess. She left not long after Chloe. Chloe insists she doesn’t care and that she is glad the moment was interrupted. Although, she also denies that there was a “moment” to begin with. 
She rambles about how different they are as well at some point. I don’t think she manages to convince anyone that she isn’t still interested in Lucifer. Even she doesn’t sound convinced. And Lucifer is clearly still as smitten with her as he has been from the start. 

They do have a case to investigate this episode. The interrupting stewardess was murdered. Followed not to long after by another flight attendant that Lucifer had also slept with. The second flight attendant is male, making this episode the confirmation of Lucifer’s bisexuality. 

And I’m going to take a moment to praise that inclusion. You don’t get many bisexual characters on prime time network TV. The only other I can think of on shows I watch is Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow. (EDIT: Also William on This is Us) For the show to make the lead character, a character that is suave and polished and powerful, bisexual and to make it not a big deal is…well…a big deal. It made me like the show even more. 

The case is really not important. It’s used as a catalyst for Lucifer to take a good look at his personal life. During interviews with all of his sexual partners from the last 8 weeks, mostly women and a smattering of men, he hears lots of praise of his bedroom skills….and absolutely no emotion what so ever. No one cares enough to murder anyone over him. 

One amusing aspect of the case is that along the way they meet a girl named Suki who is obsessed with Lucifer. She’s like the meta-fangirl stand in and she is adorable. I want to hug her and buy her a puppy. That she would probably name Lucifer. I’m hoping she becomes a semi-regular character. She is awesome. 

The case is eventually wrapped up, the murders had nothing to do with Lucifer after all. It’s really pretty boring of a case overall. Although, Maz does get to her help out and she is always fun. 
Mazikeen has her own stuff going on this episode, too. She is annoyed that Chloe isn’t happy about her father’s murderer being dead. She wants thanks (even though Chloe has no idea that Maz and Dan basically set the man up to be murdered by the Russian mob). She talks to the Linda and works it out, though…in a very Maz like way. 

Overall, this episode is mostly about Lucifer and Chloe, though. Just when you think they’re going to keep layering the tension and stretching out the when-will-they-hook-up trope they deliver quicker than expected. 

After the case is wrapped Chloe tracks down Lucifer at the beach to talk. Lucifer has had a bit of an epiphany and delivers a really good speech to Chloe about not being good enough for her. He manages to sound extremely sincere and adorable. Which is a pretty big accomplishment. He also reveals a lot by pointing out many small things he knows about Chloe (like her “boring” middle name Jane). 

After delivering his speech, Chloe agrees that she probably deserves someone better and then she kisses him. And the look on his face…he looks like she broke his heart. He says “Detective” sadly and then they kiss again and it goes off. 

I’m really unsure what to think of that look. He is getting what he wanted. He clearly loves her but he looks devastated. I guess he could just be afraid. He’s never really loved someone before and on top of that he has no idea how she will react when she eventually finds out that he really is Lucifer Morningstar. So, it could be fear. But….he just looks so heartbroken. It isn’t what I expected his reaction to be after they finally kissed. 

Kudos to Tom Ellis’ acting though. Jeeeze. Damn puppy dog eyes about made me cry. 

For those writing the trivia books – Chloe doesn’t like ketchup. Lucifer is canonically bisexual and Chloe’s middle name is Jane. 😉

The next episode of Lucifer airs January 30th on FOX. 

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