TV Review: Conviction Episode 113 “Past, Prologue & What’s To Come”

So, no one really seems sure about this show. It wasn’t picked up for a back 9 and it hasn’t been renewed for second season.  Which means it’s essentially canceled but it hasn’t been announced as cancelled  either making it seem like maybe it has a chance at continuing either on ABC or elsewhere but….no one really knows. 

It definitely seems unlikely to continue but still the writers chose to end it with a bit of a cliffhanger(ish) and that’s an odd choice for a cancelled show that you plan to let lie. Maybe they’re trying to get it picked up elsewhere? Or hoping for a last minute renewal? Who knows. 

As far as this episode goes, I honestly liked it. It was very on point. The case was entertaining and reminded us of what a mess Hayes use to be. The ending reminded us that she still is very much Hayes Morrison. 

Honestly, I don’t think it was REALLY that much of a cliffhanger. I mean, yeah Hayes did a brash and very Hayes-like thing but her heart was actually in the right place (ish).  

And Wallace likely will know exactly why she did what she did. He may be pissed that she went around him to help Sam keep his job but I don’t think he would be pissed enough to break up with her or fire her. 

After all, he knows Hayes pretty well and I don’t see him being shocked by her actions. It was fairly tame action wise for Hayes really. 

I started out the show hating her but she grew on me and I kind of love her now. I’m actually glad they had her react in a very Hayes fashion. She doesn’t deal well with not getting her way and she isn’t afraid to go to great lengths to make sure she never has to. In this case she risked her job to help her co-worker. A co-worked she doesn’t even like but who she felt was being wronged. She doesn’t like injustice and that’s an admirable quality. 

I really do want the show to continue. Hopefully, it gets picked up but if not it’s not the worst way to end. 

The CIU is still going strong and Hayes is still Hayes and I’m pretty sure her and Wallace, in all their dysfunctional glory, will continue on as well.

 I hate that we didn’t get to explore the other characters more. Especially Tess. I love Emily Kinney and she didn’t have near enough to do this season but likely would have if the show continued. 

Nonetheless, the ending could have been worse. I’m not complaining. I will just miss the show if it doesn’t return. I know I predicted it’s end but I didn’t want to be right. Especially not as the show improved and grew on me.


As of right now there are no future air dates for Conviction but look for it on streaming or and maybe send some emails to ABC asking for it to be renewed. 


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