TV Review: Criminal Minds Episode 1213 “Spencer”

I get why they torture Reid. I do. It’s Matthew Gray Gubler’s fault. He is to good of an actor. He’s so amazing at playing Reid when in a traumatic situation that it is hard to resist writing those stories for him. 

If I wrote for the show I would want to write for him more too and on a show that is more about the cases than the characters the only way to do that is have fucked up shit happen to the characters. 

But after what happened with Maeve and then they have his Mom slowly dying from Alzeihmers they really are going a bit far with putting him through being framed for murder and drug trafficking. 

That said, this episode was awesome. Gubler’s acting is phenomenal and Kristen Vangness is really good at writing important stories for her castmates. It is an impressive episode. 

As much as I look forward to the this story arc playing out and seeing how Reid handles it all, I’m also afraid of it. I’m afraid it will mean not much Reid in the episodes for the rest of the season and afraid of how it will end. 

I really don’t think they would write Reid out of the show for good, though. It wouldn’t make sense unless Matthew Gray Gubler wanted to leave and I don’t know why he would want to leave. I hope he doesn’t want to leave. 

I love Reid. Morgan leaving was hard but I was okay with it. I don’t know how okay I would be with Reid (or Garcia) leaving, though. I need Reid (and Garcia) on the show. 

Criminal Minds airs Wednesday’s at 9pm on CBS. 


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