TV Review: Supergirl Episode 212 “Luthors”

This show is so much fun. I mean yes it has it dark moments but overall Kara’s bubbly enthusiasm and optimism is infectious. And these days that is a very good thing. 

This episode focuses heavily on the Luthors. Obviously. Which isn’t my favorite. I just don’t find them interesting. I never have. 

The episode has some interesting twists, though and it has some good Mon-El/Kara moments. I was against Mon-El and Kara hooking up to begin with but now I’m kind of on board. Their chemistry is good and I want him to stay around. So, I kind of hope that happens and works out well. 

It looks like the next episode will be interesting. I thought at first it was the beginning of the musical crossover but it seems that doesn’t air until late March. So, it’s not that. It should be a fun episode none the less from the look of the cliffhanger ending on this one, though. 

Supergirl airs on Monday at 8pm on the CW.


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