TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1211 “Regarding Dean”

I was warned about this episode. While it is comedic and it does show off Jensen Ackles acting ability (as does all the episodes that have the boys behaving not like themselves). It also hits an emotional trigger for anyone with a personal connection to Alzheimer’s. 

In this episode, Dean is attacked by a witch who casts a spell on him that causes him to slowly lose his memories. The way in which his memories vanish isn’t super logical and isn’t just like Alzheimer’s but there are similar elements. So, be warned it could be triggering if that’s something you have experience with. 

Honestly, I don’t love the witch episodes overall. I loved the one with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters but other than that the witches aren’t my favorite. Rowena isn’t my favorite either. 

That said, this episode is a good one and I love monster of the week episodes best of all. It is a little hard to watch (as was last week’s episode for me) and that is rare for this show (for me anyway) but it’s a good episode. Just not the most fun episode ever. 

There was some important things talked about though. Like how hard it is to watch someone slip away and become not themselves. How it’s harder than watching someone die. These are things people who haven’t dealt with that may not understand. We even see how hard it is for the person going through it. Jensen Ackles does an amazing job showing that. 

The story itself, the family of witches and Rowena’s involvement, aren’t amazing. As monsters of the week, witches are boring and done to death. The real showcase is the spell cast on Dean, obviously, but still I found the witches to be subpar at best. Especially for an immortal powerful well known witch family. 

Still the episode is worth the watch. Besides the emotional performance by Jensen, I was also impressed that Rowena is honest with Dean when she didn’t have to be. She clearly regrets some of what she has done to some degree and she isn’t as bad as she generally seems. She doesn’t take advantage of Dean while he is impressionable. She doesn’t turn him against Sam or run off with him to keep him hostage or anything else she could have done to use the situation to her advantage. She doesn’t even make Dean feel bad just for the hell of it. She tells him he is a good person. She is nice to him. 

It made me hate her a little less. I suppose given enough time anyone is redeemable. Still I mostly just hate her for how she treated her son. I like Crowley. 

But anyway good episode. Happy Ending. All is well. 

Supernatural airs on Thursday’s at 8pm on the CW. 


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