TV Review: The Librarians Episode 310 “And The Wrath of Chaos” 

There was a bit of confusion for us fans with this season. Before it started it was said to be 12 episodes long. Then it wasn’t. On top of that a few episodes felt a bit compacted. This one included. As if they should have been two episodes. This change in the number of episodes was never explained. So, it was odd. 

That said, it wasn’t a bad episode. 

We find out what was going on with Eve and DOSA. We have a resolution to the Apep ordeal. And we find out how all the things The Librarians have gathered this season come in to play. 

It’s not the best finale of the show’s run but it does utilize Flynn pretty well and we see Charlene again and Judson. Judsen especially was nice to see. 

My only complaints are that it did feel rushed (even for The Librarians) and the DOSA thing seemed….I don’t know. I think maybe DOSA in general was a bit to big of a storyline to squeeze into 10 episodes. 

I didn’t love DOSA or Apep as the main villains this season. They just didn’t seem all that threatening. Probably because we just didn’t see them enough. Maybe? I don’t know. I just preferred Dulaque and Prospero as villains. 

I love when Jenkins gets to act like the former Knight that he is, though. Which happens a few times this season including this episode. 

I’ll do a review of the whole season later on and get into more detail of it all but as far as this episode goes it’s still better than most shows on TV. It’s still very much the Librarians. 

I had been worried that it wasn’t going to have a happy ending. Which just would have felt wrong. Luckily, it does. 

TheLibrarians is off the air for the season but you can probably catch reruns and the first two seasons are out on DVD and on Netflix (and/or Hulu). 


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