TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1213 “Family Feud”

Yea this review is a bit late. I wasn’t going to write a review for it but I wasn’t super excited about the more recent episode but loved this one. Which made me decide to write a review for this one. 

So, first off when I orginally viewed this episode I hadn’t seen the previous one. I somehow skipped an episode without realizing it.

Had I seen that one I wouldn’t have been so surprised at the return of Mark Pellegrino but since I had not seen it, I squealed loudly when it showed him and made my husband jump and exclaim in the next room. 

I was very excited. 

All season I’ve been saying Lucifer wasn’t  the same without Mark Pellegrino. He was sorely missed. I’m beyond excited that he is back. 

Also having missed the previous episode I hadn’t seen Crowley recently. I was also happy that he was back. I like Crowley. He’s my favorite character on the show. 

As for the actual story, I had forgotten Gavin existed and I’m not fond of Rowena. Which made me kind of eh about the story itself. It makes sense to tie up the story with Gavin, though. He was kind of a….time aberration (wrong show I know but idk what else to call him).  

Dagon seems interesting. And what she says about Lucifer being an Angel and things not always being as they seem makes a good point….

On this show, there is no guarantee that Lucifer’s son will be evil. I mean, isn’t he technically kind of a nephilim? And whether those are evil or not varies a lot by story. He could not be so bad after all. Who knows? Maybe he will be….angelic. 

That would be interesting also. 

I want more Crowley and Lucifer in the second half of the season. Can we have one episode that is JUST them? Maybe? Just a thought? 

I’m kind of sick of the Men of Letters. They’re like a crappy version of UNIT. 

Supernatural airs on CW at 8am. 


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