TV Review: Criminal Minds Episode 1222 “Red Light”

I have been terrified of this episode. Reid and Garcia are my favorite characters. I didn’t really think Reid was leaving the show but I was expecting some kind of fake out and Garcia or Rossi to leave. Then when they announced Morgan was coming back for the episode I was scared it would be him that died…somehow. Which would be awful since he got away from the job and was with his family. 

Then the episode happened and well….it was kind of anticlimactic. Which isn’t to say that I’m sad that no one died or left. I’m not.  It’s just…

Well, the episode felt disjointed. It WAS great to have a Reid centered episode after he was out of the game for so long and barely in some episodes. I loved him being center stage. He’s such a great character and Matthew Gray Gubler is such a great actor. 
I would actually be okay with Reid leaving the BAU if it meant that Matthew Gray Gubler had gotten another show and was going to be the lead. I would love to get more of him on television. Some episodes are not Reid-centric enough. 
I actually liked the main storyline. While the ending felt a little anticlimactic after everything, the build-up of the rest of the story was awesome. 
The very end, bringing back the Mr. Scratch story and bringing Morgan in to do so was just to much. It should have been a separate episode. They could have built it up more before the cliffhanger and shown more of Morgan. That would have felt less rushed and tacked on. 
Other than that It was a good episode. Not amazing but good. 

I DO kind of wish the baby was Reid’s though. I would love to see Reid taking care of a baby. He deserves something nice in his life. 

Maybe they’ll have him meet another girl next season. I know that could be tricky because he doesn’t think he can love anyone the way he does Maeve and no doubt no one can really live up to her. But maybe he could find someone who didn’t mind not being able to live up to her. 

I’m also still routing for Garcia and the new guy to hook up. There is chemistry between them and she dislikes him for no reason. So, I think she actually likes him. He seems to like her too. I am hoping that happens. Garcia also deserves to be happy. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to next season. I’m hoping for good things. We shall see. 


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