TV Review: iZombie Episode 311 “Conspiracy Weary”

Eeeeeeek. This was my favorite episode this season for sure. It may be my favorite of the entire series.

I love Blaine. My opinion of him as varied as the series progressed but I always felt like the others never gave him enough credit. I think he truly wants to be a good guy. He just…..isn’t. His shitty father did an unpleasant number on him and no matter how much he wants to be good others keep screwing him over and reinforcing his natural tendency to be a selfish dick. 

But he’s never been malicious. He’s never tortured or hurt anyone just to watch them suffer. He’s not evil. He’s practical and self preserving and self centered and selfish but not sadistic or evil. And that is an important difference. 

It means he IS capable of being good to a degree. Which he learned during those couple days when he lost his memories. He felt what a clean slate felt like. I dont think he wanted his memories back. He let the others run the business and treat him shitty. He wanted to be the nice, quiet, good guy. 

And from what it has shown he didn’t change much after he was found out. He’s still quieter and more subdued than he was before. The energy between him and Liv is different. She still isn’t fond of him but this episode made it seem like they can work together easily now. Which was not something that seemed likely before. 

I loved him and Liv saving Don E and Ravi in this episode. I loved the end of the episode before when he showed up randomly to get Liv to come help. Why did he get Liv? I guess because Ravi was there too and because he knows she is trustworthy and will really help. He can’t really trust any of his “friends”. He can’t even really trust Don E. 

Still, even as a zombie again (making him and Peyton not possible which is to bad cause I’m pretty sure he’s in love with her) Blaine does seem to be easing to the side of the good and I hope he does. Reminds me of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Bad guy to good guy…they even have similar hair come to think of it. 

Whatever direction the character takes I must have more of Liv, Don E and Blaine on the same brain having the same visions because it’s hilariously awesome and I want more and more and more. 

Blaine wasn’t even in this week’s episode and next week is the season finale and he wasn’t in the trailer for it. This makes me sad. :/ 

iZombie airs on CW on Tuesday nights. You can also watch recent episode on the CW app and website. Aaaand Once the season ends next week the whole season should be up on Netflix about a week later. 


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