Book Review: The Complete X-Files Revised and Expanded Edition by Matt Hurwitz and Chris Knowles

I’m a huge X-Phile. That is, I am a big enough fan of the X-Files to know that a pet term for fans of the X-Files is “x-Phile” taken from the Latin term used for someone who knows a lot about something. Which has been used as well as a word for someone who is a big fan of something.  Which is also where phrases like “cinephile” comes from. 

So, yep. Huge X-Files fan that I am this book is right up my alley. It covers all of the production of the show. Everything including the pre-production and the recent revival. 

The Complete X-Files is an amazingly complete behind the scenes look at the production of the entire series. It’s a must have for any fan of the show. 

The only complaint I have is that I don’t feel it’s entirely accurately titled. To be a true complete guide it would have to have a more detailed episode guide and maybe a section of quotes from every episode. 

No one book has ever managed to be the ultimate guide to the X-Files that I have wanted it to be. Maybe one day someone will publish that kind of book but…

Until then this book IS a great behind the scenes look into the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read it in ebook form for review but I will definitely be looking for it in print. 

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of The Complete X-Files Revised And Expanded Edition you can do so right now at your favorite book seller. 

*I received this book without charge in exchange for a fair and honest review* 

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